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Please find attached a revised version of the crew grid for the test scene shoots. You can disregard the one I sent yesterday, as it was based on incorrect information. 

Since the revised version is completely different, rather than marking everything blue, it is being issued as a new “white draft.” 

The shooting dates are now as follows:

Sun 19th	Victoria/Grace
Mon 20th	Daniel/Victor
Sun 26th	Austin/Victor
Mon 27th	Christian/Turner
Tue 28th	Collin/Austin

Sorry for any confusion…


On July 11, 2015 at 11:55:11 AM, Andrew Syder (asyder at fsu.edu) wrote:

This message is for all BFA2 ADA students who’ll be participating in live action production this thesis cycle…

As you all know, over the next few weeks there will be test shoots / cine workshops to help you prepare for your thesis shoots in the Fall. This email contains most of the info you'll need for these workshops; it’s therefore a rather lengthy email, but please read it carefully before bombarding me questions. ;-)

The goal of these sessions will be two-fold: 
To shoot a complete scene from your thesis scripts for Antonio’s class. Be smart about which scene you pick: you’ll want to choose a scene that’s doable in a single day, but also provides a suitable level of creative challenge.
To practice designing and executing a visual look. You’ll have both conceptual and practical guidance along the way with your cinematographic choices.  

Here’s how the next few weeks will play out…


David Wiley will be holding a grip truck refresher on Monday afternoon for anyone who might conceivably be a grip truck driver or passenger this thesis cycle. Since it's conceivable that any of the live-action oriented students might be a driver or passenger this cycle, this is required for all live-action students.

This refresher is going to be particularly important for Daniel, Victor, and Christian, as you three are the only students insured for driving the truck this summer, so we'll need to lean on you guys for the upcoming workshops and test shoots. 


In preparation for the test shoots, the MFA Cine Specialists and I will be holding cinematography prep meetings with the Director and the DP of each show. These will happen the Wednesday prior to each week's set of test shoots. Here's the schedule:

9:00-9:45 Austin/Victor
10:00-10:45 Victoria/Grace

2:15-3:00 Christian/Turner
3:15-4:00 Collin/Austin
4:15-5:00 Daniel/Victor

The goal of these meetings is to help you think through the visual plan for your test scene. The more materials you can bring to the meeting, the more useful the meetings will be. Here's a list of what's required and what's recommended:

Script pages of scene being shot
Set up schedule (With estimated set up times)

Not required, but helpful to everyone:
Location photos
Lighting plan w/ overheads
Blocking diagrams
Sun path (if exterior)
Reference Images
List of any special equipment


At Torchlight on Wednesday afternoon, there will be a cinematography workshop with Trigg Ferrano. This is required for all live-action students and for any animation students who plan to be involved in camera/grip/electric this thesis cycle. (You will be excused of any other Wednesday afternoon commitments if you are at this workshop.)

For this workshop, you guys will need to recruit a couple of volunteers to serve as stand-ins. We’ll just need two people in total for this; it could be actors (if you’ve casted already) or fellow students who are not otherwise participating in the workshop.


Each live-action thesis show will get one full day for a test shoot. A crew grid is attached to this email for these shoots. Please note:
Directors will be responsible for all producing, production design, and post-production on these test shoots. 
Directors and DPs will have a prep day prior to shooting for taking care of any last minute logistics.
BFA1 students will be assisting on these test shoots. I would recommend talking to them prior to the shooting day, so they know what to expect, but don’t count on them having a lot of time to devote to the production outside of the actual shooting day. If you need contact information for them, let me know and I will send out a contact list.
There will be faculty, staff, and TA support on set for these test shoots. So please make sure that call sheets are also sent to Antonio, Jason, myself, David Wiley, Keith Slade, Raymond Calderon, Trigg Ferrano, and any other cine instructors who may be on your show.


Directors will be responsible for putting together a cut of their scenes. Editing stations will be assigned for editing after all the tests have been shot, at the end of Week 12. (I'll send more info about this in a followup email.)

Antonio will be screening cuts of your test scenes in his final class on Wednesday of Week 13. 



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