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Andrew Syder asyder at fsu.edu
Sat Jul 4 12:43:09 EDT 2015

A couple of things for this week:

BTH Crewing

On Monday afternoon, I’ve scheduled a time to meet with all the live-action directors to discuss the crewing model for the principal photography portion of the productions. During this meeting, we can decide whether to follow the traditional production model or try out something a little different. This is all in advance of a crewing session with the Production students that will take place on Wednesday morning. (I hope your pitches to the Production students went well, by the way.)

BTH Development 

For BTH Development class this week, I will be stepping in to have individual script meetings with each writer/director. Please send the latest draft of your script to me by 8:00PM the night before your meeting, so that I can read it in advance of the meeting. We’ll meet in the seminar room, so you can bring storyboard panels or other visuals if you have them. Here’s the schedule:

10:00AM	Christian
11:00AM	Austin
2:15PM		Lauren
3:15PM		Billy
4:15PM		Jamie

2:00PM		Turner
3:00PM		Victoria/Jamie (Grace is welcome too)
4:00PM		Diana
5:00PM		Susan

10:00AM	Daniel
11:00AM 	Collin

Let me know if you have any questions.

Your humble overlord,

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