[Film-bfad1] F2 rounds and cut screenings

Syder, Andrew asyder at admin.fsu.edu
Sat Jul 30 12:55:24 EDT 2016

Live-action folks:

I’ll be in the lab this afternoon (2-6pm, approx.) if you want me to look at your cut. I’m also available for rounds in the lab at the following times: Tuesday 9am-6pm, Wednesday 2-6pm, Thursday 11am-6pm. Please text me if you’d like to reserve a time to meet.


Remember that second cut screenings are coming up over the next two days. Please make sure your export for the screening includes the FSU leader and temp titles.

Group 2: let’s convene at 10AM tomorrow morning for your cut screening, since I’m sure nobody really wants a 9am call time.


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