[Film-bfad1] F2 Post/Animation Guidelines

Syder, Andrew asyder at admin.fsu.edu
Fri Jul 22 16:51:00 EDT 2016

Hey folks,

Attached is an overview of the remaining post/animation weeks on the F2 cycle. It’s designed to give you a quick, visual snapshot of what’s coming up. More detailed information is below…


Animation Dailies (Group 3)

Animation dailies will continue as planned, at the following times:

  *   Tuesday July 26th, 9:00AM–11:00AM
  *   Tuesday August 2nd, 9:00AM–11:00AM

Cut Screenings (Groups 1, 2, 4)

There will be two cut screenings for the F2 projects.

For each group, all the group members need to be present for all of the episodes. Bring something to take notes with, as Ian and I give a lot of detailed notes.

Try to get the cut of each episode down to 4:00 minutes, but it’s okay if you run over on the first cut. (Don’t forget a slate.)

All screenings will be in the HD Suite in the Post Hall, except for the 1st Cut with Group 2, which will be in the Seminar Room instead.

First Cuts:

  *   Group 2 - Monday July 25th, 2:00PM–6:00PM
  *   Group 1 - Tuesday July 26th, 9:00AM–1:00PM
  *   Group 4 - Wednesday July 27th, 9:00AM–1:00PM

Second Cuts:

  *   Group 2 - Sunday July 31st, 9:00AM–1:00PM
  *   Group 1 - Sunday July 31st, 2:00PM–6:00PM
  *   Group 4 - Monday August 1st, 2:00PM–6:00PM

Export your episode in 24fps 1080p ProRes 422 format.

Submit exports (at least one hour before the cut screening) to the 00_Proj_Management/Cuts/date-of-screening/ folder in your group’s folder on CMPA_data.

Name your file using the following format: Show#_ShowTitle_Episode#_Cut# (e.g. 01F2_LeonFL_E01_Cut1.mov)


Each episode will be allowed to have up to 15 seconds for opening titles and 20 seconds for closing titles (not including required FSU elements).

Live-action groups: please bring concepts for your credits to the 1st cut screening. Remember that you are branding the series with your credits, so there should be consistency across episodes. In other words, it’s best for all members of a group to work from the same template.

In each group’s folder on CMPA_data, there is a Credits folder for storing assets and materials related to the credits.


Final delivery of shows includes not only the delivery of all required media, but also delivery of all production paperwork to Tony — so don’t forget to make time for that in your work schedule.

Cine BTL/Workshops (All Groups)

Please note that Keith will be running cine/BTL workshops over the next two weeks, so budget your time accordingly. Think of these as an opportunity to get a little bit of distance from your shows … and a little bit of physical exercise to keep you sharp. These will be:

  *   Full-day on Friday July 29th
  *   Half-day on Wednesday August 3rd
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