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Carolina & rest of class - -

The review for the final exam will be 10a - 12:45 next Friday, Jul 29th. In Demo Rm 1.

After lunch, we will be having an afternoon session on the loading dock. This session is to familiarize yourself with all the gear that's associated with the BFA Thesis cycle you will be crewing when we return in the fall.

The final exam is TBA but should be either Wednesday or Thursday of next week.



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Subject: Final test scheduling

Hi Keith!

The animation group and I are wondering when the final test and study session were going to be scheduled for our class. We have just been informed that we will be wrapping production on animating either Thursday or Friday the 5th, and due to the nature of our production cycle we would benefit from being able to plan when to set aside time for these activities.

Thank you very much!

Carolina Beguiristain
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