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Rob & rest of class -

I wanted to address this answer to everyone.

Sorry about the late response but I generally do not read work emails over
the weekend. I am sure you have done the setup but I thought I would
respond in general to the question.
First off, with the gear and time you have, the setup you describe ranks
up there as THE top one or two most difficult setups to execute. As we
discussed during our interior / exterior lab the best solution to get this
setup is to shoot either early in the morning or late in the afternoon
depending on where the sun sets. I know other factors weigh in as to what
time you shoot this shot but from a lighting and camera standpoint it is
the best solution. The tonal range of the scene is much more manageable
during those times of day.

Covering the window with ND? (the density would have to be calculated
based on the exposure outside), the problem with using ND while shooting
out a window is that the probability of seeing the gel is significant
unless it is perfectly applied. You will see wrinkles, reflections, etc.
when shooting directly into it with no window dressing. It can be done but
takes very skilled application.

Another option that is second on the list if you can¹t shoot at specific
times of day is to break the setup into two setups. Rather than racking
from what character is seeing to character,, do a POV shot out the window
(just expose for outside) and then do another setup MCU on character
looking out the window from a subjectve eyeline.

Rob let me know how you ultimately did this setup.

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On 7/10/16, 6:01 PM, "Bevis, Robert" <rwb13d at my.fsu.edu> wrote:

>Hi Keith,
>I¹m trying to shoot a shot from inside an office building, where you can
>see a character outside through a window. I figured I wouldn¹t be able to
>bring up the room much with our lights, so I plan to try and bring down
>the exterior to the room¹s exposure, and do a rack focus from the
>character inside to the character outside.
>Would covering the window with a sheet of ND (9?) to be the best way to
>achieve this?

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