[Film-bfad1] [Film-BFA1] Camera Reports for F2 Cycle - and subsequent production cycles w/o Script Sup.

Wiley, David dwiley at film.fsu.edu
Sun Jul 10 10:16:29 EDT 2016

Greetings Burgeoning Filmmakers:

You find attached, the Camera-Continuity log for your F2 production cycle.  Please note that this is a slightly different document than the Digital Camera Report.  As the name indicates, Camera-Continuity log allows the AC to record information relevant to both camera and continuity (Script -Sup).

This is a available through Weebly which redirects you to dropbox.  See the link below.



Daily Production Paperwork<https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7ou3348mu8rfe7s/AABsgiYB6-DpVsh6dstUrz5fa/Daily%20Production%20Paperwork?dl=0>
Shared with Dropbox

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Office phone:  (850) 644-2014; Cell Phone:  (850) 443-1599
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