[Film-bfad1] F2 Computer Assignments and Syncing Instructions

Weir, Ian E. iew03 at fsu.edu
Fri Jul 8 16:57:56 EDT 2016

Hi class, I'm resending you the room assignments. I have the iMac lab set up to once you have your media loaded onto CMPA Data, you can then drag your media down to your assigned computers local media drive. The folder structure is in place.

Because of Login, for Group 2 in Droid Lab, I need you to go to CMPA Data - Projects - F2 - DROP TO LOCAL ( log in to your assigned computer and open DROP TO LOCAL folder. Put 2016 BFA F2 Projects into the BFA projects folder. Pull 2016 BFA F2 Editorial in video folder on your media drive and 2016 BFA F2 Exports in your Exports folder on your media drive. You will see anther folder that has your project file called "2016 F2 Projects_COPY TO LOCAL" Drop your project file into your 2016 BFA F2 Projects folder. Crazy right! There is more. *** Once you copy your media onto CMPA Data into your shows folder, then copy that into the 2016 BFA F2 Editorial folder on your local media drive. In the iMac Lab I set up the extension under G0 - Connect to Server - smb://cmpa-post-fs03.film.fsu.edu/CMPA_Data (your student log in)

If you have any questions text me.



Have a great shoot and I will see you in post!

>From Thomas

Hello all,

It was nice meeting with you all this morning in the ER. As promised I am attaching a word document explain all the synching directions we went over in class last Friday.

I am also attaching two excel documents with your computer assignments in the iMac and Droid Labs.

Finally I wanted to remind everyone about the 20 to 1 shooting ratio limit. This is depended on your scripts page count. As an example: if your script is three pages long, each page equals a minute of screen time, so 20 x 3 = equals 60 minutes. That means you can shot a maximum of 60 minutes. Since the camera will generate 0.6 Gigs a minute that means your maximum size will be 36 gigs for a 3 page script.

If any of you have questions or concerns please let me know.

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