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Check out the Director’s Roundtable article from The Hollywood Reporter.  Barry Jenkins (BFA 03)  is front and center in the picture and referenced throughout the article.  About 3/4 of the way down the page you’ll see a video (directly below the picture of Damien Chazelle) that is about 5 minutes of Barry talking about FSU and how he made Moonlight.’
The Golden Globe nominations came out this week  and Moonlight killed it with 6 total nominations! Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, several acting noms...Yay for Barry!!! https://www.google.com/amp/www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2016/12/golden-globe-nominations-2017-full-list/amp?client=safari  Dr. Frank Tomasulo, former Film School faculty member shares that Barry Jenkin’s Moonlight has been rated the second best movie of 2016 by Sight & Sound,  a British film journal, one of the most respected in the world!  And number 5 of the Sight and Sound list of best films is American Honey, Produced by Allison Carter (BFA  04).   And read the Hollywood Reporter Article “Young producers jump to the front of the Oscar contender line with 'Moonlight,' 'La La Land' and more” re Adele Romanski (BFA  04) who produced Moonlight.

And look at Oscar Watch for more good news for Barry and Moonlight!    http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/la-en-mn-oscar-watch-predictions-martin-scorsese-silence-20161202-story.html
  And The first big awards of the season:
National Board of Review - Best Director: Barry Jenkins
New York Film Critics - Best Director: Barry Jenkins
Los Angeles Film Critics - Best Director: Barry Jenkins

“Hobo With a Shotgun<http://variety.com/t/hobo-with-a-shotgun/>” Director Jason Eisener will direct an untitled thriller for Fox with OddBall Entertainment’s Wes Ball<http://variety.com/t/wes-ball/> (BFA 02) and Joe Hartwick, Jr. producing with Jeremy Platt.The film is inspired by Eisener’s “One Last Dive<http://variety.com/t/one-last-dive/>” short film, which he directed and co-wrote with Rob Cotterill and John Davies. The short centered on a diver investigating an underwater crime scene but remaining details about the feature film have yet to be released. Besides directing Rutger Hauer in 2011’s “Hobo with a Shotgun,” Eisener’s credits include “V/H/S 2” and “The ABCs of Death.”  Read the Variety story at http://variety.com/2016/film/news/hobo-with-a-shotgun-director-jason-eisener-wes-ball-1201940129<http://variety.com/2016/film/news/hobo-with-a-shotgun-director-jason-eisener-wes-ball-1201940129/>
>From Justin Zuckerman (BFA 15)  "I’m working as the assistant for director Carl Erik Rinsch (47 Ronin). It’s been a crazy past few months as I’ve been working nonstop in Vancouver, Canada; Bucharest, Romania; and currently Nairobi, Kenya! I’ve had a first hand look at the ins and outs of the worlds of commercial and feature film and it’s been a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’m also grateful to be able to work with so many talented people at the top of their fields from countries all over the world. Can’t wait to see where I end up next!"
>From Brandon Cook (BFA ADA 15)  “I first want to say thank you for the teachings, lectures, advice, recommendations and your support throughout my time at the CMPA.  As you may know, I have been pursuing a career at Lytro, a tech company focusing on their new cutting edge camera system using "Light Fields" with a goal to revolutionize the filmmaking and VR industry. From eliminating green screen on set, to fully immersive VR allowing 6 degrees of movement, this tech could overhaul the postpro game and then some. Long story short, this super HiRes camera also maps an environment to understand spatial relations and create geometry of the scene.  Here's more about the technology:  https://www.lytro.com/cinema  Anyway, I was flown out to San Francisco to have a final interview, meet the team (and the EQ), and have lunch with Turner Sinopoli (BFA ADA 15) (Lytro Compositor). It was a great experience and I felt right at home. After completing the interviews, they shipped me off to SFO airport, leaving me to ponder if I was an effective candidate. Staring at the tarmac wondering about the days events, I got the call from recruiting offering me a position as a CG Generalist!!  I look forward to a fulfilling career supporting the Lytro team to create a system that VFX houses and post production teams can integrate (or overhaul) our light field data sets into their current workflows. This of course is a huge undertaking but will be an extremely rewarding experience working and learning alongside some of the most creative and intelligent filmmakers, scientists and computer engineers in the industry. Again, I want to thank each of you for preparing our alumni with the marketable skills and professional etiquette for the film industry as well as the technical understanding that landed me my dream job. I will always be grateful for the kindness and generosity the CMPA faculty have shown me and my peers.”

>From Amy Ellison (MFA  00)  “The film that I am producing, We Believe In Dinosaurs, will be the first film featured in a new partnership between Indiegogo and Morgan Spurlock’s production company Warrior Poets to bring indie films to completion. Our Indiegogo campaign launches on December 1st with PR support from both Indiegogo and Warrior Poets. After the campaign, we’ll work with WP to edit the film through their post production facilities in NYC. Once the film is completed, Morgan Spurlock will shift from producer to producer’s rep, getting the film placed at film festivals and, hopefully, sold.  Our quick blurb: Creationists have built a $100 million, 510-foot Noah’s Ark in rural Kentucky with the express purpose of debunking evolution. Shot over the course of three years, We Believe In Dinosaurs follows the designers and builders of the Ark from blue prints to opening day and tells the story of the unsettling, yet uniquely American, conflict between science and religion”

Congratulations to Jen Levine (BFA 02)  who left Ant Farm after twelve years to take a position as Trailer Supervisor for the Domestic Paramount Marketing Team!

YingXiang Haung (MFA 15)  has recieved her O1 Visa!   She is currently directing a project and won't actually return to the US until summer.   She says:   "For the O1 visa, I got a lot of help and support from my FSU family. Frank, Reb and Paul wrote me recommendation letters. I also reached out to Amy Vincent for a letter. Their support was definitely a key contribution to my success of the application. Because of the student Emmy award for my thesis film and my AE job for the Hongkong feature film, I got letters from Fred Savage, a well-known producer/actor/director, and Jordan Goldman, an Emmy's award winning editor. Jingxi Wang, (MFA 13) an alumni from film school who got O1 visa too, gave me a lot of suggestions during the process including recommended me going for the same lawyer with her.  I can't get the outstanding artist visa without the great skills I learned at film school and the support from the big family!"

Congratulations to Sylwia Dudzinska (MFA  09)  who will be remaining to e joy the shenanigans of Curb Your Enthusiasm for the full run of Season 9 as their 2nd 2nd!

Editor, Brandi Bradburn, ACE (MFA 99) and Assistant Editor, Adrienne (MacKillop) McNally (BFA 02) are celebrating a Golden Globe nomination for their current show on NBC, This Is Us.

>From Armando Salas (MFA  02) “It's been a busy year! Along with welcoming a second child into the world in June, Mariela Salas, I've had a fun time shooting a wide variety of projects. The History series SIX based on the adventures of a fictional Seal Team 6 airs Jan 18. Write up and trailer below.
http://www.ew.com/article/2016/12/09/walton-goggins-barry-sloane-six-trailer-history  The micro budget feature Bitch directed by Marianna Palka and starring Jason Ritter and Jaime King will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.  https://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/dec/06/sundance-film-festival-2017-full-lineup   And I'm currently prepping a new 10 episode David E. Kelly series based on the Stephen King book Mr Mercedes, with Jack Bender directing. We're shooting in Charleston, so any FSU Alumni based in the area should reach out to the production. We shoot through June 2017.”

>From Alex Cameron (BFA 13)  “So this past month I produced a 3 minute video segment for National Geographic's Assignment: Explorer Challenge and it's been accepted into the voting segment! As many of you already know, I'll take any excuse to go trekking into the unknown, uncovering secrets and discovering what sparks our humanity. The video I produced is on the Mt. Wilson Observatory, one of my secret L.A gems that embodies the spirit of early exploration. If my video is picked out of the rest, I'll be flown to NY for a final round, and the finalist of that will get a year long job with NAT GEO as a Digital Correspondent! Sounds like something I could do, right? [cid:B9B2B413-34ED-4554-8036-92018756354B] :) It would mean the world to me if you could watch my segment and "like" it on the website before voting ends Dec 20! Every little bit counts! Thank You!!!

>From Dale Stanhope (MFA 97):  "After many years teaching high school drama/acting, I've moved to Pasadena where I've built my own professional sound studio using Twisted Waive.  After studying voice over extensively with Mike Emore, I'm beginning a second career!   Check out my website at dalestanhope.com<http://dalestanhope.com/> and email me at dalestanhopespeaks at gmail.com<mailto:dalestanhopespeaks at gmail.com>.   Would happily offer my services for free to Film School students and alums.  Suggestions for making connections or breaking into the business would be  greatly appreciated!  And I would love to hear from anyone doing or familiar with voice over work.”

>From Cait Schull Ludwick (MFA 12)  “I got married April 16th in Pasadena, CA this year. In August husband got a new job in Portland, OR where we bought a house. A month before moving up to Portland to join my husband in our new home I found an abandoned puppy in Los Angeles and he joined our family and moved with me and our existing two cats to the Pacific Northwest. I'm taking a break from film professionally and am instead coaching and teaching swimming while working on personal writing on the side.”

>From Jonathan King (MFA  92)  “I feel like I'm always pitching movies on my page, but Neruda is very close to my heart. It mixes art and politics and adventure and love into such an entertaining and imaginative package, I got to work on it with my friends who have become like family, and it may be the first of our movies to be at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. I'm sorry if you don't live in Los Angeles or New York, which are the only cities that are getting it this weekend, but I promise it will come your way soon. And if you live in LA or NY, please check it out. You won't regret it!”

>From Chris Alender (BFA 98)  “Our flick Southbound Movie<https://www.facebook.com/Southboundmovie/> made it on this great year-end list (of 10 Best Horror Movies of 2016)! Congrats David Bruckner<https://www.facebook.com/david.bruckner.391>, Roxanne Benjamin<https://www.facebook.com/roxanne.benjamin>, and Soapbox Films<https://www.facebook.com/soapboxonline/>!”
>From Glen Kaufmann (MFA   97)  “There is quite a busy and active film industry here in Ireland (and in Northern Ireland).  'Game of Thrones' and ‘Vikings' are two of the major series that have filmed here. (and continue to in the case of ‘Vikings').   Also,  'Into the Badlands' just started here a few months back.  We also shoot dozens of features every year (including quite a bit of ‘Rogue One’). The gov’t offers massive tax incentives for producers to set up here.  After we moved to Dublin in 2011 I concentrated on teaching writing online to students around the world and continue working as a travel and food journalist in addition to writing stage plays. In recent years, now that I’ve had time to get to know they lay of the land a bit better I’ve come back to my roots and, while I’m still teaching and travel/food writing both online (www.forkontheroad.net<http://www.forkontheroad.net/>) (www.anamericanindublin.com<http://www.anamericanindublin.com/>) and in print, I’m writing screenplays again.  I also wrote, produced, and directed my first short film this summer.  We’re editing now, and should have it ready by February.  And I’m working fairly regularly as a production sound recordist.  So if anybody is looking to shoot in Ireland I know the area and can handle your sound needs as well.  I would love to start the Irish branch of the film school alumni group, and hope to see a few more FSU names in Irish film credits.”

>From Rebeca Marques (BFA 10)   “I'm currently working for Hollywood Today Live. It's a morning entertainment/celebrity show with hosts and guests. I took Lexa's job when she left. I currently work with Walter Hollmann.  It's an interesting new platform to get under my belt, so I'm enjoying it and trying getting as much experience as I can.”

>From Jason Ambler (BFA 09) and C. Tyler Capo’ (BFA 13): Working at Falcon’s Creative Group in Orlando, FL has been very busy for us this past year! In August, IMG Worlds of Adventure, the world’s largest indoor theme park had its grand opening in Dubai with Marvel, Cartoon Network, and a new Lost Valley dinosaur adventure land. Our company did the master plan, attraction design, facades, interior design, creative guardianship for the IPs, media content, and show programming.  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/middle-east/united-arab-emirates/dubai/articles/img-worlds-of-adventure-dubai-first-look/
On November 11th, the Kennedy Space Center ‘Heroes And Legends featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame’ exhibit had its grand opening to the public. The project, centered around the early space programs, first features a 6 minute documentary media piece and is followed by a 7 minute 3D, inverted dome, immersive experience that blends both archival footage and CG content. Finally, you can explore hours of interactive content that examines the traits of a “hero” and a full database of astronauts in the Astronaut Hall Of Fame. The overall exhibit amounted to 4 hours of custom produced media content! Tyler served as a key editor and researcher on the project and Jason as Executive Producer. We are both very excited for the exhibit to be out there in public and hope anyone stopping by the Florida area will check it out!  http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/theme-park-rangers-blog/os-kennedy-heroes-legends-20161110-story.html.

My name is Lauren and I work with a video production company based in LA!We are shooting a wedding in Monteverde, FL on 1/7/2017 and are needing to contract out a second shooter for this date. We're looking for a freelance videographer with experience using a DSLR<http://dpweddings.com/gear>. Our second shooters make $250+ per wedding and will be working on a tripod for the entire day (8 - 11 hours).  Here are a few links to some of our other work that might interest you!http://youtube.com/thevfxbrohttps://www.facebook.com/aaronsanimals Please email dpweddingsonline at gmail.com<mailto:dpweddingsonline at gmail.com> for more info about the opportunity!
My name is Lindsey, I’m a producer out in Los Angeles and I am looking for a videographer in Tallahassee to shoot a interview with an author this month. I would love to see if you have someone who would be interested and available to volunteer or we can work something out with them.  The author being interviewed lives in Tallahassee. Can discuss further details and info!  Please contact me at 818-220-1616.

Sorry this WR is so long, but there is so much good news to share!  I may not do another Warren Report until after the first of the year, but if the good news keeps coming, there may be a holiday edition!   Hope everyone has a safe and fulfilling holiday season.

FSU CMPA Screenings & Awards Update – December 15, 2016

Wish Star (MFA D2 2015 Carl Rogers) was a finalist at the Marketplace Cinema Shorts Gala in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on December 3. For more information about this event, go to http://mpcws.com/3675/Short-Film-Social-Gala-2016.

Blackface (MFA D2 2016 Malcolm Baity) was selected for screening at the Tally Shorts Film Festival in Tallahassee, January 20-21. For more information about this festival, go to www.tallyshorts.com.

Stutter (MFA Thesis 2016 Ivo Huahua) won the Schools Choice Award at the Bluenose-Ability Film Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia, December 1-3. For more information about this festival, go to www.reachability.org.

Pigskin (BFA Thesis 2015 Jake Hammond/Nicola Newton) won Best Short Film at the Spooky Empire International Horror Film Festival in Orlando, December 2-4. For more information about this festival and the new dates, go to www.spookyempire.com.

Reunion (MFA D2 2016 Yi Tao) is a Semi-Finalist in the Hollywood Screenings Film Festival, March 11-12. For more information about this festival, go to http://hollywoodscreenings.weebly.com/.

Us Thereafter (BFA Documentary 2016 Terry Beck) and Built to Serve (BFA Thesis 2015 Terry Beck) were selected for screening at the WideScreen Film & Music Video Festival in Miami, February 17-19. For more information about this festival, go to www.widescreenfest.com.

Blackface (MFA D2 2016 Malcolm Baity) and The Voice from the Page (MFA Thesis 2016 Andrea Branch) were selected for screening at the San Diego Black Film Festival, April 26-30. For more information about this festival, go to www.sdbff.com.

The Extra Mile (BFA Documentary 2015 Courtney Ross) was selected for screening at the American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs, California, March 29 – April 3. For more information about this festival, go to http://www.americandocumentaryfilmfestival.com/.

Upcoming Screenings and Awards (in chronological order):

Once Upon a Blood Moon (MFA D1 2015 Rob Eaton) is an official selection of the inaugural Bloodstained Indie Film Festival: Sci-Fi Horror Action in Long Beach, California on December 8. For more information about this festival, go to http://www.bloodstainedindiefilmfestival.com/.

Isa and the Frog Prince (MFA Thesis 2015 Yingxiang Huang) was selected for screening in the North American Chinese Directors Short Film Tour, October 1 – December 30. The tour will start in New York City, go to DC, Boston, LA and SF, then go to major Chinese cities. For more information about this touring festival, go to shortfilmtour.org.

Jeremy Donaldson is a finalist for the ASC Vilmos Zsigmond Heritage Award for his work as DP on Isa and the Frog Prince (MFA Thesis 2015 Yingxiang Huang). For more information about this competition, go to http://www.theasc.com/site/news/asc-announces-finalists-for-2016-student-heritage-awards/.

Frankenstein’s Light (MFA Thesis 2015 Saad Nawab) was invited to screen at the Bogota Short Film Festival (Bogo Shorts) in Bogota, Colombia, December 6-13. For more information about this festival, go to www.bogoshorts.com<http://www.bogoshorts.com/>.

Fathers and Daughters (MFA Thesis 2014 Mithra Alavi) was selected for screening at the Cinematic Arts Film Festival (Shorts and Micro Cinema) Los Angeles, December 9-11. For more information about this festival, go to www.cinematicartsfilmfest.com<http://www.cinematicartsfilmfest.com/>.

Calvin Young’s Finest Hour (MFA D2 2016 Nathan Westenhaver), Beta Test (BFA F3 2016 Gabe Souza) and The Brothers Chaps (BFA Documentary 2015 Austin Tyler/Lauren Chiota) were selected for screening at the Super Geek Film Festival in Miami, December 9-11. For more information about this festival, go to www.geekfilmfest.com.

Lola the Great (BFA Thesis 2015 Lydia Dullinger), Shark Attack (BFA Thesis 2016 Victoria Cragg/Grace Colley) and Hedge Hero (BFA Thesis 2016 Lauren Hammond) were selected for screening at the Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival, December 10-12. For more information about this festival, go to http://www.lacma.org/event/childrens-film-festival-8.

Stutter (MFA Thesis 2016 Ivo Huahua) will be winning a Jury Award in the Latino category from the Directors Guild of America Student Film Awards on December 15 in New York City. For more information about this competition, go to http://www.dga.org/Awards/Students.aspx

Oh, Christmas Tree (MFA D1 2015 Charlie Malcolm) was selected for screening at Germany's first Weihnachtsfilmfestival (Christmas Film Festival) in Berlin, December 24-26. For more information about this festival, go to weihnachtsfilmfestival.de.

Stutter (MFA Thesis 2016 Ivo Huahua) was selected for screening at the Family FEEDBACK Film Festival in Toronto on December 29. For more information about this festival, go to www.wildsound.ca<http://www.wildsound.ca/>.

A Surprise (MFA D1 2015 Yi Tao) was selected for screening at the IndieWise Virtual Film Festival on January 2. For more information about this festival, go to https://www.facebook.com/getindiewise.

Blackface (MFA D2 2016 Malcolm Baity) is an Official Selection of the Hollywood Independent Film Festival Awards. The awards ceremony takes place on January 7. For more information about this competition, go to http://himpff.com<http://himpff.com/>.

Before You Know It (BFA F3 2016 Courtney Ross) was selected for screening at the Atlanta Independent Film Festival, January 5-28. For more information about this festival, go to atlindiefilmfest.com.

Stutter (MFA Thesis 2016 Ivo Huahua) was selected for screening in January at the Festival for Family: Family Film & Writing Festival, an online festival. For more information about this festival, go to https://festivalforfamily.com/

Finless (BFA Documentary 2015 Gabe Souza) and Frankenstein’s Light (MFA Thesis 2015 Saad Nawab) were selected for screening at the Flagler Film Festival in St. Augustine, Florida, January 13-15. For more information about this festival, go to www.flaglerfilmfestival.com<http://www.flaglerfilmfestival.com/>.

Cosmic Static (BFA F3 2016 Justin Sadler) was selected for screening at the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival, January 13-15. For more information about this festival, go to www.miscifi.com.

Blackface (MFA D2 2016 Malcolm Baity) was selected for screening at the Black Hollywood African American Marketplace and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase in Los Angeles, January 13-15. For more information about this showcase, go to www.bherc.org.

Spin Cycle (MFA D2 2106 Janeen Talbot) was selected for screening at the Deltas of Charlotte Foundation Legacy of Black Women Film Showcase on January 13. For more information about this showcase, go to http://www.carolinatix.org/events/detail/14th-legacy-of-black-women-film-showcase.

A Surprise (MFA D1 2015 Yi Tao), Veiled (MFA D2 2016 Rika Bhakta), Marianne (MFA D2 2016 Yu Ying Chien) Concessions (MFA D2 2016 Sam Bartz) and Reunion (MFA D2 2016 Yi Tao) are official selections of Los Angeles CineFest, an online festival, January 14-15. For more information about this festival, go to http://www.lacinefest.org/.

Super Chef (MFA Thesis 2015 Rochelle Rose) was selected for screening at the Children’s Film Festival Seattle, January 26 – February 11. For more information about this festival, go to www.childrensfilmfestivalseattle.org<http://www.childrensfilmfestivalseattle.org/>.

Friday the 14th (MFA D2 2016 Lucas Omar) and Acoustic Ninja (BFA Documentary 2016 Rob Bevis) were selected for screening at the Oxford Film Festival in Oxford, Mississippi, February 16-19. For more information about this festival, go to www.oxfordarts.com.

Frankenstein’s Light (MFA Thesis 2015 Saad Nawab) was invited to screen at the GardenCity Film Festival in Bangalore, India on April 2. For more information about this festival, go to http://gardencityff.blogspot.in/.

War Crimes (MFA D2 2016 Matthew Robinson) won the November competition and is a semi-finalist for Mindie, the Miami Independent Film Festival, April 3-5. For more information about this festival, go to miamindiefest.com.

Friday the 14th (MFA D2 2016 Lucas Omar), Concessions (MFA D2 2016 Sam Bartz), Spin Cycle (MFA D2 2106 Janeen Talbot), Veiled (MFA D2 2106 Rika Darmesh Bhakta), War Crimes (MFA D2 2016 Matthew Robinson), Snapped (MFA D2 2106 Zarmala Gilani) and Reunion (MFA D2 2016 Yi Tao) are official selections of Mindie, the Miami Independent Film Festival, April 3-5. For more information about this festival, go to miamindiefest.com.

Concessions (MFA D2 2016 Sam Bartz) will be awarded a Certificate of Merit for Powerful Depiction of Emotions at the Rochester International Film Festival, April 20-22. For more information about this festival, go to www.rochesterfilmfest.org<http://www.rochesterfilmfest.org/>.

Once Upon a Blood Moon (MFA D1 2015 Rob Eaton) was selected for screening at the Wasaga Film Festival in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada, April 1-29. For more information about this festival, go to https://wasagafilmfest.com/.

For Will (BFA Documentary 2016 Grayson Goga/Grace Stalley), The Goat on the Roof (BFA Documentary 2016 Erin Smyth), Bad Town (BFA Thesis 2016 Daniel Smith/Victor Ingles), Blackface (MFA D2 2016 Malcolm Baity) and Flora (MFA Thesis 2016 Drina Andre) were chosen as Best of Brouhaha at the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase in Orlando, November 19-20. They will be screening in the Best of Brouhaha sidebar at the Florida Film Festival in Orlando, April 21-30. For more information about this festival, go to www.floridafilmfestival.com.

Crazy Ones (MFA D1 2056 Jake Maturen) was selected for an upcoming screening of Silver Screen for Short Films in Saint Petersburg, Florida. For more information about this series, go to www.SilverScreenForShortFilms.com<http://www.silverscreenforshortfilms.com/>.

Still Life (BFA F1 2015 Gabriel Valbuena) was selected for competition in the Prince of Prestige Academy Awards in Winter Park, Florida on July 30. For more information about this festival, go to http://popfilmaward.com/.
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