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Attached is the BFA1 thesis support grid for the second half of the summer. I matched up everyone’s desires (from the survey) to the support needs over the summer, so I’m hoping this will work for everyone. Be on the lookout for blue revisions, however, as I suspect they will be coming...

You’ll see the three different types of thesis support on the grid:
Production - This is in support of the Production students’ thesis shows that are being shot this summer. Each BFA1 who selected to work on live-action sets has four assigned days as Production Assistants, cycling through four different departments: Producing, Camera, Grip & Electric, and Art Department. It’s a chance for you to “shadow” the various crew members in each department for a day. At the start of each day, check in with the department head to get oriented on the needs of the show.
Animation Previz - This is in support of the previz process for the ADA animated thesis shows that are in development this summer. In each two-day period (Sun/Mon), each BFA1 student will work on one of the shows, assisting the director with designing a previz and also getting a stab at doing your own take on the material. We will be doing a mini-crewing session to match students to shows next week.
ADA Live-Action - This is in support of the ASC-style scene workshops for the ADA live-action shows that are in development this summer. There will be three BFA1s in support of these test shoots each day; I assigned students who requested more than four days of thesis support to these shows, which will boost your number of support days to five or six days. Specific crew positions for these workshops will be assigned in a couple of weeks, when the ADA thesis students are ready to crew.
Please note that this grid represents the minimum assignments for thesis support. For days that you are not assigned to a position, you are welcome to volunteer your services on set or in the lab, but you should plan to work that out with the producer of the show in an informal manner. It will be the producer’s decision about whether or not they need extra volunteers on any given day.

Please also note that the primary goal of these support roles is for you to learn from your peers in a practical setting. This is the first time we’ve structured the thesis support process in exactly this way, so please feel free to share any positive or negative experiences with me, so that we can assess how well it’s all going.


Andrew Syder, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
College of Motion Picture Arts
Florida State University
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