[Film-bfad1] [Film-BFA1] Midterm Exam on Tuesday, June 23

Ciarlariello,Tony R. tciarlariello at admin.fsu.edu
Fri Jun 19 12:53:11 EDT 2015

Hey Class,

Just a reminder that the midterm exam is next Tuesday. It will cover all topics we have discussed these first 6 weeks, including:

• Phases of Production
• Studio/Production Co
• Producing Team
• Chain of Title
• Underlying Rights
• Personal Rights
• Development Financing
• Contracts
• Script Acquisition
• Script Breakdown
• Scheduling
• VFX Vocabulary
• VFX Breakdown
• VFX Budget

It will be a combination of multiple choice, matching, and possibly some short answer. Review your notes from these discussions and you should be in good shape.

Also, we considering doing it either as a Scantron or online through Blackboard. So be prepared either way and bring a #2 pencil and your laptop (fully charged).

Have a great weekend.

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