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>From Craig Kief (BFA 99)  “For the last several months I’ve been shooting CNNs followup to The Sixties, which was the highest rated show on the network last year, and was nominated for two Emmys. The Seventies premieres this Thursday at 9pm ET/PT. Each of it’s 8 hour long episodes tackles a different topic from the decade, such as Watergate, Vietnam, and music. A few other alumni worked on the show as well including Armando Salas (MFA 02) who shot about a third of the show, Paul Marshall (MFA 00) who also shot some, and Ryan Lynch (MFA 02) who was gaffing.   And, the first trailer for an HBO film I shot premiering July 11 starring Andy Samberg and Kit Harrington was released this week at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RURGgFuf7c8

>From John D’Arco (MFA  05)  “I was invited to do an interview with the screenwriting website, Tracking Board. It was fun to speak honestly and give a more candid view on my thoughts and experiences.  (Also, go to sneak in some FSU love!) Every good interview deserves a sequel, so this one is a two part-er!   (NOTE:  these are GREAT interviews.  Anyone who is or wants to be a writer should definitely read.)

Part 1.
Part 2.
http://www.tracking-board.com/tb-mini-series-part-two-of-our-interview-with-barely-lethal-writer-john-darco/ “

>From Hali Gardella (BFA 10)  “Hope everyone is doing FANTASTICALLY! Wanted to spread the word that the music video I directed & edited for the super spunky indie pop band Good Graeff<http://www.goodgraeff.com/> was recently released on Baeblemusic.com<http://baeblemusic.com/> - you can check it out here<http://www.baeblemusic.com/musicblog/5-27-2015/good-graeff-bring-the-summer-on-their-latest-video-for-i-want-that.html> if you are so inclined. HUGE thanks to our 100% FSU alumni crew Andrew Penczner (DP) (BFA 10),  Christopher Oroza (colorist) (BFA 10) , and Avital Epstein (title design) (BFA 11)! And thanks to FSU-ers Evan Houston (BFA 10), Juliana Morgan, Jacki Von Preysing, Mary Risk, and Perry Powell for looking fly on camera. To see my other recent music videos, you can check out www.haligardella.com<http://www.haligardella.com/>.”

>From Alex Durham (BFA  06)  “"I just signed on to produce and edit a new comedy series for IFC from the executive producer of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I can't say too much about it yet, but we're in production right now and the show will premiere later this year."

>From Spencer Lenzie (MFA 13)  “I've recently been promoted to editor at InSync + BemisBalkind! Excited to start cutting full time. Basically, I'm just going to put the Inception BAAAAHM in every trailer/tv spot I work on.”

>From Tim Driscoll (BFA  05)  “I'm currently working as a freelance editor and producer. One of my clients includes the Food Network. My first feature film, The Lengths, is finishing up it's festival run and I'm in the process of negotiating some distribution offers. The Lengths won best feature at the Berlin Independent Film Festival earlier this year and won the Indie Spirit Award at the New Hope Film Festival last year. “

>From Stephen Acevedo (MFA  05)  “beginning in April of 2010 and still shooting up until last month, I had the fortune to DP this wonderful feature documentary that took me to China, Portland, Florida, numerous trips to the Bay Area, and even exotic Santa Monica.It's finally complete, so if you're interested in seeing the story of a global energy transition unfolding in real time, get tickets to the World premiere of CATCHING THE SUN @lafilmfest this Thursday, June 11 at 6:15pm.  Unfortunately, I can't be in attendance on the 11th, but will be at the second screening on June 16, 3:15pm.
>From Alex Cameron (BFA 13)  “For the months of April and May, I was on the road with Discovery Channel filming Season 3 of “Airplane Repo”. Over the span of the show, we shot in California, North Carolina, Florida, Virgin Islands, Philadelphia and New Jersey. I was the camera/audio PA on the show and got my feet wet working reality/travel, which is a field I’d be very interested in jumping into. The same tech the film school teaches audio on (Sound Device 788 and 633) was the same mixer I was responsible for on the shoot. We shot mostly on the Sony PDW 700, Canon XF105, Sony FS700 for high speed photography and GoPro, which we generally rigged to prop planes, jets, yachts and high end cars. It was a great experience and I plan on returning as an AC if it gets picked up for season 4.  Right after I returned from that job, I jumped into pre-pro as DP for an 9 day suspense feature titled “Show Yourself" that me and some FSU Alum shot in the forests of Frasier Park, CA. The project was led by Billy Ray Brewton, a wonderful friend, collaborator and director who I actually met through the Power House Space here in L.A. Melisse Sporn (BFA Film 2014) was my 1st AC, Will Sampson (BFA Film) was the Ronin and Drone Operator, Christopher Oroza (BFA Film 2010) was the costume designer. and Ben Hethcoat (BFA Theater 2010) playing the lead role. Overall, it was an amazing experience collaborating with this crew and telling Billy Ray’s story. I look forward to working with this crew again on the next project!

>From Clay Hassler (MFA 10)  “Thank you so much for sending out the email about our Hollywood screening to all FSU Film Alumni! Several alums showed up (many who I had never met before) and it meant the world to have them there! Such an incredibly generous and supportive community!”    NOTE:   they  ended up winning the Grand Jury Award at Dances With Films! The Wrap officially broke the news earlier this week<http://www.thewrap.com/clay-riley-hassler-homeless-top-prize-dances-with-films/> with the Hollywood Reporter following up with a strong review<http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/homeless-dances-films-review-799174>!

>From Cait Shull (MFA 12)  “My youngest sister recently graduated high school from Interlochen Arts Academy (Michigan)  in their drama program. While my family was there for her graduation my dad watched some of the films produced by their high school students and he told me they look like they need some assistance.  To that end, he sent me a couple new job postings from Interlochen's website. They are looking for two artists in residence: An editing/post-production resident for the upcoming the fall 2015 semester and a cinematography resident for the spring 2016 semester.
Here is the listing for the editing/post-production resident:
Here is the listing for the cinematography resident:

Soapbox Films is now accepting resumes for interns to work at our
facilities in Burbank, CA. Interns will have the opportunity to excel
through hands on learning, shadowing production & post personnel, and working on set; in addition to doing runs, answering phones, and assisting the office manager to keep the office up and running. The internship runs for 12 weeks. Our ideal candidate possesses the following qualities:
- punctual
- positive attitude
- motivated (i.e. will find something to do if no tasks have been assigned)
- effective communicator
- detail oriented
- Currently enrolled in a college or university or must have graduated
within the last year
- Must have adequate phone skills, reliable transportation, a valid drivers license, and current auto insurance.
Send your resumes & cover letters to kurt at soapboxfilms.com<mailto:kurt at soapboxfilms.com> (PDFs only, please) and include your cover letter in the body of the e-mail. Please include references and a schedule of availability. The application deadline is Tuesday 6/19/14,  No phone calls, walk-ins or faxes, please.

Scriptapalooza Fellowship:  The fellowship program was developed to honor dedicated writers and to help further their creative process and skills.  Writing in itself is a journey and we would like to facilitate the process by giving the fellows the opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded professionals and individuals.
 The 6 Mentors that are onboard:
- Janet Jeffries, Lawrence Bender Productions
- Amanda Marshall, Cold Iron Pictures
- Alexia Melocchi, Little Studio Films
- Rob Margolies, Different Duck Films
- Katrina Nahikian, Bullet Heart
- Breven Warren, Angaelica

What Fellows Receive:
 - The 2016 Scriptapalooza Fellowship recipient will receive a Writer's Retreat in Costa Rica for 5 days and 6 month mentorship
- 5 additional writers receive an online writing, $1000 and 3 month mentorship
- Everyone that applies to the Fellowship gets feedback on their screenplay (4-5 pages of notes)
Fellowship applications will only be available from Sept. 1st to Oct 31st.    http://www.scriptapalooza.com/fellowship/<http://www.windymail.com/urlredirect.asp?f1=89A&f2=90A86A80A94A&f3=http://www.scriptapalooza.com/fellowship/>

Another week with no Festival Update while Brenda is viewing Turkey from a hot air balloon!

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