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Another Q: What do mean "Dialogue List"?
Another A: Oops. You don't need to do a Dialogue List. (I had copied the FAQ I sent you from the MFAs.)

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Subject: F1 Production Delivery due in Dropbox on Fri by 5pm

Hey BFA1,

Just a reminder that your scanned production delivery documents are due in Dropbox by this Friday, 12/11 by 5pm.

Here is a link to the Production Delivery Checklist<https://www.dropbox.com/s/fxodizv22cxhcl8/F1%20Prod%20Delivery%20List-2015.pdf?dl=0>, which I had handed out to you in our workshop in October.

Here are some FAQ I've received about these:

Q: Who is responsible for writing the logline & synopses in the Project Details in Motion?
A: Ultimately, the producer is responsible for making sure that it gets done. It doesn't matter to me who actually writes it as long as it effectively articulates what the film is about. Ideally, the producer and director would get together to discuss the synopsis since the director will have a better sense of how to describe the finished film.

Q: How do I update the Release Year, Class and Production Start Date in the Project Details in Motion?
A: You can't. So fahgeddabaddit.

Q: Where is the Music Cue Sheet form?
A: In Production Documents > Other Documents > Music Cue Sheet<https://www.dropbox.com/s/sjtdsfnj4pqa0wj/Music%20Cue%20Sheet.xlsx?dl=0>.

Q: On the Music Cue Sheet, what does "Society %" mean?
A: Most musicians are represented by artists rights societies (typically either ASCAP or BMI). So if you are using a song where all the musicians are repped by ASCAP, you would put "ASCAP 100%". But if 2 of the 4 musicians are ASCAP and the other 2 are BMI, then you would put "ASCAP 50%, BMI 50%". If you are using Killer Tracks or if you used a composer who is not repped, you can just put "N/A".

Q: On the Music Cue Sheet, what do I put in the last column "Rights Acquired"?
A: If you used Killer Tracks, you can check the sample tab on the music cue sheet. The last one on the list shows the verbiage you would use for Killer Tracks. If you used a composer, and they signed our Composer Contract, then you would put "All Rights, Perpetuity". If you used a song from Creative Commons, you would put whatever the CC license is (e.g. "Creative Commons: Attribution, Non-Commercial").

Q: If I used Killer Tracks music, do I need to include a license of some sort?
A: Yes. There is a Killer Tracks license on Dropbox here<https://www.dropbox.com/s/m4rex1v4cy9ol1p/Killer%20Tracks%20License%202013-2016.pdf?dl=0>. You will put that in 10b Music Rights folder.

Q: What if I used music from some other source besides Killer Tracks?
A: You need to include some sort of verification of where the music came from. If it is from some other website, just include a PDF of the web page showing the song that you used and the type of license it has (e.g. Creative Commons).

Q: Is there a form for the Credits List and the Dialogue List?
A: No. I'm working on a form for these, but they're not ready for public consumption yet. So in the meantime, you can just type these in Word, and save them as a PDF.

Q: What should the Credits List include?
A: It should include all titles and credits that appear in the film, including what logos were used (if any). You don't have to put the actual logo in the credits list.

Q: What is the format for the Dialogue List?
A: It can be typed in either Word or Final Draft and saved as a PDF. It should include all dialogue as it is spoken in the finished cut of the film. Occasionally, include some of what you see on screen so a sub-titler knows when to put in the subtitle.

Q: How do I save Production Stills to upload into Motion?
A: Probably the simplest way is to do a screenshot of each frame you want to use. Then make sure to open the screenshot (which will be a PNG file) and Save As a JPG file. Then upload them into the Media tab for the Project in Motion. It's ok if they're not 300dpi.

Q: How in the world will I ever get all this done on time?
A: Because you were very attentive in our workshop, you stayed organized, and you managed your time well.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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