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Travis, Richard rtravis at fsu.edu
Wed Dec 2 17:04:15 EST 2015

Dear Film Students:

The end of Fall Term 2015 is nigh, and before we embark on new adventures into the great unknown, we must return all of our overdue books and DVD's to the RRC. All currently signed-out RRC items should be returned by next Monday, December 7. The RRC will be open next week for returns only. If I am away and the door is closed, you can slip smaller items like DVD's under the door. Larger items can be returned to the 5th floor receptionist desk when I'm gone. Just let them know the items are for the RRC and have them put the items in my mail. During the break the RRC will be closed for normal business.

Please check every nook and cranny in your domain for any items you might have signed out of the RRC and return them by next Monday.

ATTENTION GRADUATING BFA STUDENTS: I'll be going through RRC records this week, and for any items I find that haven't been returned I'll send you individual e-mail reminders with the items listed. Please return them by Monday. If you have any questions please stop by or e-mail me. There are a number of screenings next week and as the Film School's projectionist I'll be away some of the time setting-up for those events.

Thanks, and for those heading off to new realms, all the best in fulfillment and reward; for those returning in the new year, have a great break.

Richard Travis
Research & Resource Center
FSU College of Motion Picture Arts
rtravis at film.fsu.edu

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