[Film-bfad1] Filmmaking II -- NEXT WEEK ASSIGNMENTS

Chuck Williams chaz.m.williams at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 19:09:52 EDT 2013

For Next Week's first class on Monday, August 26 at 9 am, please have the
following prepared:

1) Your F3 *LOGLINE*

Look to McKee's STORY BOOK for how to write a thematic statement -- also
referred to as a "Controlling Idea."

"A controlling idea maybe expressed in a single sentence describing how and
why life under goes change from one condition of existence at the beginning
to another at the end."

Remember, Theme is the big concept of your story: love, violence, honor,
justice, betrayal, loyalty, family, courage, duty.  The statement is what
your film is saying about that theme:  when you seek revenge, both sides

Think of it as a direction or command how someone should live their lives:
 don't judge a book by it's cover.

A Thematic Statement guides your characters in every choice they make and
helps you, the writer, by providing a moral framework.A Thematic Statement
explains WHY characters act as they do.

*Live Action F3s:  your STORYBOARDING or SHOT SET-UPS are NOT due until
your ATL meetings, Veronica & Warren -- your ATL is next week.  Please have
them ready.*
*Animated F3s: please be prepared to show where you are with your STORY
REELS the following week, Sept. 2nd.*
****LASTLY***  I will be in Tallahassee all next week beginning a class in
MFA Screenwriting, so Dr. A. Syder will be handling the Adv. Filmmaking
class with you next week.  AND good luck... cause he is SOOOOOO mean.  *

Chuck Williams,
Co-Director "Art Story"
chaz.m.williams at gmail.com

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