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Name of Law Enforcement Officer: Captain David Bernhardt
Please add his name to the Weapons Permit Application.

Weapons Safety Session:
The WPB Police Department will provide a weapons training/safety session at some point during week 1. I'll let you know the time/place once I have it.



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Subject: Weapons Permitting Update

Attached is the blank weapon Permit request for your records, along with some notes.

There are a few scripts that involve weapons and/or firearms that may be perceived as being fired on set. There is a permit request required AND there are very specific guidelines that must be followed in order for you to use weapons or firearms on set (even if props, fake, or other).

After speaking with Tallahassee, and our local Film Commission, there are some very important details to note:


We will provide you with the name of a local WPB Law Enforcement officer. The officers name must be put on the permit request application.

Fill the application out in FULL DETAIL. Do NOT leave anything out if it pertains to weapons. Describe types of firearms or weapons AND full scene details. I will be the faculty supervisor of record.

The application must be submitted to the FILM COMMISSION at the same time you submit your LOCATION PERMIT REQUEST. The Film Commission has a "risk assessment" division that will review the weapons application with the assigned Law Enforcement officer.

IT IS POSSIBLE THAT FIREARM WEAPONS PERMITTING MAY ONLY BE GRANTED IF ACCOMPANIED BY A Five Million Dollar insurance rider. I will be checking with the Film Commission on this.

IT IS POSSIBLE A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER WILL BE REQUIRED ON-SET IF WEAPONS or FIREARMS ARE USED (Exteriors only I think). There is a cost involved and this would be the responsibility of each production to pay. The cost is $35/hour with a 3-hour minimum per officer. The Film Commission will inform you if an officer is required on set.

I will provide you with the final approved permit once all paperwork is approved by the Film Commission. THE APPROVED PERMIT MUST BE PRESENT ON SET at all times.

NO weapons or Firearms are allowed without proper permitting.

I will update you when further details becoming available.


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