[FCLCA] Call for Proposals for the Spring 2023 FCLCA Conference

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Fri Jan 13 11:57:14 EST 2023

FCLCA Call for Proposals 2023

Theme: “FCLCA in Session: Foundations for the Future”

Submission Deadline: February 24, 2023, by 5:00 pm

We invite professionals, faculty, and students from higher education institutions to join us in Tallahassee, FL for our first in-person conference since 2019!

As we look toward the future, learning centers across the country are working to innovate and adapt to a rapidly changing student population and academic landscape. As colleges nationwide are faced with decreasing enrollment and retaining students, learning centers remain a vital component of a solid student support services foundation. This year’s theme of “FCLCA in Session: Foundations for the Future” will explore the important role learning centers have in building strong foundations for both our students and our centers.

We invite you to share your best practices, ideas, and innovations for the future. Please choose a presentation option that best aligns with the work you wish to share with conference participants.

Presentation Options*:

1.       Featured Presentations: These are 50-minute sessions in which the presenter(s) discuss a topic related to the conference’s theme.

 2.       Workshops: These are 30-minute sessions in which the presenter(s) focus on smaller topics, involving open discussion, hands-on experiences, and audience participation.

 3.       Student Worker Q&A Panel: student workers are encouraged to sign up to participate in a 50-minute panel session; the FCLCA e-board will provide students ahead of time with a few questions to prepare for, but the majority of the panel session will be devoted to discussion with audience and answering questions on what it’s like to work in a learning center as a student worker.

*You may submit more than one proposal.

 Possible topics of interest may include but are not limited to:

  *   Student Engagement: Increasing attendance, getting students involved in sessions, increasing employee engagement, etc.

  *   Employee Supervision: Managing, hiring, recruiting, and/or paying tutors

  *   Data: Best practices, new processes, recommendations, brainstorming, etc.

  *   Tutoring: Best practices, training processes, software experiences, etc.

  *   Technology: Best practices, favorite software, how you use technology, etc.

  *   Integrating Professional Tutors into your Team

  *   Professional Development: For student workers, professional employees, internships, research, etc.

  *   Tutor Training: Training styles, CRLA, training materials, onboarding, etc.

  *   Round Table Discussions: Partner with other institutions and learning centers to share multiple perspectives on a single topic

  *   Any topic of interest not listed here!

Click here to submit!<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeE37tBY_lGcXi6nhfQ6T5upSm7O29alqnTTWeJLYihBYtmwQ/viewform?usp=sf_link__;!!PhOWcWs!3G7hqjJ-P9DGbBdf9l9GwswK5brb70RPAKwtZNQXHRZQq1lR1JII9G2WrYnNxFbVxh9I1aJ6wG2ANLJ_qCD0Zun7mNyfyHE$ >

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