[FCLCA] Academic Support Coordinator II, Job Opportunity

Candice Morgan cmorgan3 at uwf.edu
Wed Feb 15 13:11:52 EST 2023

Hello FCLCA - Tutoring and Learning Resources at the University of West
Florida is hiring an Academic Support Coordinator II.  We are located in
Pensacola, FL just minutes away from downtown and beautiful beaches. Please
help pass this wonderful opportunity on to interested candidates.

For the full job posting and information on how to apply, please click
<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://careersmanager.pageuppeople.com/997/cw/en-us/job/494699/coordinator-102050__;!!PhOWcWs!w9bkalseXJLdAwLTDmZANnLPkP1_0_v4S8Sri5p4wNRCkgTMyU3wAXpp83huGyqIrxGeKjVr-wFGFH3_1c6K$ >*.
I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about the position.

Position Number: 102050
Position Title (Classification Title):  Coordinator, 102050
Working Title:  Academic Support Coordinator II
Job Summary: The Coordinator II is responsible for the day-to-day
operations of Tutoring services within Tutoring and Learning Resources.
This includes ensuring effective delivery of the tutoring service offerings
and workshops as well as recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and scheduling of
graduate assistants, peer tutors, and workshop presenters. Support and
provide consistent and effective Tutor Training across campus to partner
tutoring locations. Offer and promote tutoring and other academic support
services via the development of campus partnerships and clear communication
campaigns; Collaborate with faculty, administration, and staff regarding
student learning needs and encourage meaningful conversations with students
to explore issues of academic performance and decision-making. Represent
TLR at various events designed to educate the campus community about
services and academic support strategies. Assist with the assessment of the
effectiveness of tutoring services including conducting student surveys,
usage and progress reports, and impact analyses. This position assists with
supporting and furthering University retention goals and initiatives by
providing individual academic support coordination to specific/targeted
populations of students. This position also assists with the coordination
of operations within Testing Services within the Center for Academic
Success including test scheduling and proctor assignments.


Candice Morgan, MBA
Center for Academic Success
University of West Florida

11000 University Pkwy
Building 52/Room 161
Pensacola, FL 32514

850.474.3488 Office <850.473.7340>
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