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Greetings Ronald,

Several years ago, a student who was Oral deaf volunteered to tutor chemistry in our center so that he could practice speaking.  I had to listen closely to understand him myself, and students had to look directly at him when they spoke to him because he had to read their lips.  I decided to assign him a few hours of "drop-in" tutoring but wondered if students would visit the center during his shift.  Much to our pleasure, we soon placed him on our payroll and he bloomed into one of our most sought out tutors.  After graduation he was hired by a large chemical company; however, he chose to return to college the next year and changed majors.  While he was great at research, he wanted more social interaction.


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Hello Learning Center Professionals!

I hope you are having amazing synergy in your academic support centers this fall!  As we are in the midst of hiring for spring 2018, there was an inquiry that came about and we are interested in your thoughts.

A student recently completed an application for a position on our spring 2018 academic support team.  After the application closed, a phone called was received through a phone relay system (for the hearing impaired).  The student stated that they applied for a position and would need an interpreter for the interview portion of the process.  The interpreter will be hired for the interview, but we were interested in knowing your experiences.

In working with very diverse populations, have any of you hired a student that is hearing impaired as an academic support team member?  If so, how did you structure the tutoring sessions (small group, one-on-one, etc.)?  How were the interactions with student(s) to tutor/interpreter?

Thank you for your time/attention and I look forward to your responses.

Ronald Romances Johnson
Associate Director, Center for Learning And Student Success (CLASS)
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