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These talks are usually scheduled for the first Monday of each month. 
The first talk normally starts at 11:00AM.  Each talk is typically 12 
minutes long (similar to many professional meetings), with 8 minutes for 

These talks will be presented via Zoom, with the following connection 


Meeting ID: 984 9166 0566

Passcode: 478314

June 6th

Shuhang (Thea) Xue: Model forecast errors in Rossby wave breaking

Description: Using 15-year ECMWF data, we found that there are 
year-on-year and month-on-month forecast errors in global Rossby wave 
breaking extents. Conditional composites show that the model world 
introduces more significant errors in cyclonic wave breaking than in 
anticyclonic ones globally. Results also show that the differences 
between model and observation are largest around the Pacific.

Carly Narotsky: Characterizing the diurnal cycle in Florida

Description: Late afternoon thunderstorms are an almost-daily occurrence 
in Florida summers. These routine thunderstorms typically result from 
the afternoon sea breezes, a feature of the diurnal cycle. To improve 
our understanding of this pattern, I aim to characterize the phase and 
amplitude of the diurnal cycle variations of 7 surface meteorology 
variables at 31 observational stations in the Florida Automated Weather 
Network (FAWN). In this presentation, I show preliminary results from a 
few FAWN stations. The diurnal cycle analysis employs Ensemble Empirical 
Mode Decomposition (EEMD) to isolate the diurnal mode of variability. 
Preliminary results consistently show the famous late-afternoon maximum 
in precipitation during the summer months.

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