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These talks are usually scheduled for the first Monday of each month. 
The first talk normally starts at 11:00AM.  Each talk is typically 12 
minutes long (similar to many professional meetings), with 8 minutes for 

These talks will be presented via Zoom, with the following connection 


Meeting ID: 984 9166 0566
Passcode: 478314

Jan. 10th

John Paul Irving: Quantifying the sequestration time of remineralized 
carbon dioxide in the California current ecosystem for different carbon 
flux plathways

Description: Within the California Current Ecosystem particulate organic 
carbon (POC) vertically migrates based on different export pathways; 
sinking, subduction, and active transport. These various export pathways 
influence the depth of remineralization, a process in which 
heterotrophic zooplankton and bacteria utilize POC and release CO2 as a 
product of respiration. To quantify the sequestration time of this CO2 
within the ocean a lagrangian patricle tracking simulation was conducted 
using the MITgcm Floats Package and HYCOM reanalysis data. Magnitudes of 
sequestration are then calculated for the different carbon flux pathways 
based on sequestration time scales and remineralization rates of the 
different export flux pathways.

Shawn Smith: The MarineFlux Project.

Description: /MarineFlux: A user-friendly in-situ marine turbulent flux 
data service/, is envisioned to be a web access point for the 
dissemination of turbulent air-sea fluxes and the essential ocean and 
climate variables required to estimate the fluxes from surface in-situ 
platforms. The prototype service will include fluxes derived from the 
International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS) and the 
Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanographic System (SAMOS) 
initiative, along with select flux datasets from NOAA expeditionary 
cruises. The goal is to make access to in-situ fluxes easier for a wide 
user community.

Mark Bourassa: Butterfly - a NASA proposal to measure air-sea fluxes.

Description: Butterfly is a proposed NASA satellite-based mission to 
more accurate determine air-sea turbulent heat fluxes at relatively fine 
resolution. The mission concept will be outlined. I will talk a little 
about options to improve this mission.
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