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Fri Apr 29 12:25:09 EDT 2022

EOAS Colleagues,

The past 2-3 weeks for EOAS, which included prestigious FSU faculty awards for Profs. Dewar, Fuentes, and Owens, only gets better.  It is my pleasure and honor to announce the following student awards:

Anxhelo Agastra:   3rd Place Awardee of the 2022 Master’s in Four Competition from the Graduate School

Abril Hunter:          2022 Truman Scholar

Jake Carstens:        The EOAS 2022 James J. O’Brien Fellowship

I know I speak for our entire EOAS family when I say that we are very proud of these distinguished students and how they represent us beyond our Department.

Congratulations to all our graduates this semester and I wish everyone a relaxing and healthy summer.

Bob Hart

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