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Tue Apr 12 09:28:31 EDT 2022

EOAS Colleagues, Students, and Friends,

It is a true joy and honor for me to announce that our very own Prof. Jeffrey Chagnon is a recipient of one of this year’s very few prestigious University Teaching Awards for Outstanding Teaching in the Major.

To quote the award letter, “You were selected by a committee of faculty and students who received the nominations and your support materials.  The University Teaching Award recognizes teaching excellence as multi-faceted, including areas such as providing a positive role model to students, imparting a respect for truth and a love of learning, challenging students’ thinking and assumptions, showing respect for all persons, and innovative instructional techniques.”

Congratulations Prof. Chagnon.   You serve as a model for us all on how to inspire and expand the minds of our undergraduate students while teaching some of the most difficult major courses (a very challenging combination to accomplish).

We all greatly appreciate your outstanding teaching of the senior Meteorology core courses as well as the EOAS GIS courses that are all critical to the entire EOAS department mission, and you, like other current and prior award nominees and awardees within EOAS, further elevate EOAS’ high stature within the College of Arts and Sciences and within FSU.

Bob Hart
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