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Dear colleagues,
You are invited to the inaugural Research Computing Center (RCC) Town 
Hall. The purpose of the meeting is to let the FSU community know about 
some of the services offered by the RCC and to share with you the RCC  
vision for the future of the Center. Since its inception, the RCC has 
grown from being a host for ashared computing cluster to being a 
full-fledged research computing center offering services such as 
high-performance computing, data storage, training, and consulting. With 
the growth of computational needs in all domains of research, the RCC 
seeks to expand its services so that it can cater to a broader community 
of FSU users, including researchers who might not consider themselves to 
be traditional users of high-performance computing. To this end, the RCC 
has restructured its funding model and established a faculty-led 
Management Board to help the Center grow to match the needs of FSU 
researchers. In the town hall, we will describe the RCC, the new funding 
model, and describe use cases for all computational experience levels 
from advanced to beginner.

But most importantly, the RCC management board wants to hear from you, 
so the town hall will conclude with a question-and-answer session where 
you can ask questions about the Center and make suggestions for us to 
consider in the future. We sincerely hope that you will be able to 
attend.Meeting details are given below

RCC Town Hall
Oct. 12,3:00-4:00
Hybrid format – In person: KLB 112, Virtual by 

10 min - Intro to RCC
5 min - Intro to new funding model
20 min – Fourresearch use cases
20 min - Open Q&A

Best regards,
RCC Management Board

Jean Phillips
Harrison Prosper
Paul Van Der Mark
Tarez Graban
Eric Chassignet
Sungmoon Jung
Scott Stagg
Michelle Arbeitman
Adrian Barbu
Zhe He
William Oates
Yaacov Petscher
Bobby Sprinkle

Eric Chassignet
Professor and Director
Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS)
Florida State University
2000 Levy Avenue, Building A, Suite 292
P.O. Box 3062741
Tallahassee, FL  32306-2741

Office : (1) 850-645-7288
COAPS  : (1) 850-644-3846
Cell   : (1) 850-524-0033 (urgent matters only)
FAX    : (1) 850-644-4841
E-mail : echassignet at fsu.edu

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