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Hi all,

This is a reminder that we will have an EOAS colloquium today at 3:00 PM. The colloquium is a combination of virtual and in-person. The in-person component will occur in EOA 1050 and the virtual component can be accessed through


The more detailed information of this colloquium can be found in the forwarded announcement email sent on Tuesday.



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Subject: EOAS Colloquium on Friday, Sep. 17, at 3:00 PM

Hi all,

This is an announcement of the EOAS colloquium in this coming Friday's afternoon. This week's colloquium is a combination of virtual and in-person. The following are the related information, also see the attached flyer:

Speaker: Prof. Jon Ahlquist, Chandler Pruett, and Robert Szot

Title: Weathering the Storm: How Graphical Visualizations Affect Tropical System Forecast Perceptions

Abstract: The Cone of Uncertainty (COU) is a graphic designed by the National Hurricane Center that communicates the forecast track of the center of tropical systems. The COU graphic primarily distills a forecast and its uncertainty to a single image, making redistribution of the NHC’s forecast highly available to the general public. However, previous research suggests the public is confused by the COU and desires to know a storm’s hazards in addition to its track. To probe this question, this study conducted an extensive survey during the summer of 2021 to understand how the public perceives the current COU and what modifications they may desire to facilitate storm preparations. Specifically, the research team designed ten graphics -- the current COU with and without the track line plus eight modifications -- based on a literature review and original concepts. These illustrations were shown to 149 in-person respondents throughout the state of Florida and 4,181 online respondents throughout the United States. By recognizing how the general public understands the current COU and potential modifications to the graphic, this study investigated if a COU redesign was necessary and what modifications would need to be included in such a redesign. Our finding is that survey respondents preferred a COU that includes threat level at landfall.

Time: 3:00 PM, Friday, September 17, 2021

Location: EOA 1050 (in-person portion)

Zoom Link: https://fsu.zoom.us/j/99658349923?pwd=Z1A4UG41S0NoSWhpdkNZNmsyQ1h3dz09

Contact: Zhaohua Wu

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