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Hi all,

This is a reminder that we will have an EOAS colloquium today at 3:00 PM. The colloquium is virtual and can be joined through zoom link


The more detailed information of this colloquium can be found in the forwarded announcement email sent on Tuesday.

I will start Zoom meeting at 2:30 PM. The speaker will join the meeting at 2:30 PM. Welcome you to join the chat with the speaker prior to the formal start of the colloquium at 3:00 PM.


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Subject: [Eoas-seminar] EOAS Colloquium at 3:00 PM, Friday, September 10

Hi everyone,

On this coming Friday, we will have a department colloquium at 3:00 PM. This week's colloquium will be virtue, with a zoom link


The information of the colloquium is attached in the following and a separated flyer.


Speaker: Prof. Da Yang, Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources, University of California, Davis

Title: Cold Air Rises

Abstract:   Conventional knowledge suggests that warm air rises while cold air sinks. In this seminar, the speaker will use satellite observations to show that, on average, rising air is colder than sinking air in the tropical atmosphere. This is due to the buoyancy effect of water vapor --- an overlooked effect in studying large-scale circulations and climate. Preliminary analysis suggests that some state-of-art climate models have misrepresented the buoyancy effect of water vapor, which can lead to profound biases in simulation clouds, rainfall, and climate.

Time/Zoom Link: 3 PM; Friday September 10,


You may meet the speaker at 2:30 PM.



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