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As you are aware, we have an open house invitation for thesis and 
dissertation defenses.  This practice is followed to ensure we build a 
scholarly community among our student population.  In keeping with that 
mission, please consider joining us for the upcoming dissertation and 
thesis defenses, which are listed below.  In general, all defenses are 
posted to our public calendar <https://www.eoas.fsu.edu/calendar/>, so 
you can always see what's coming around soon.

*_28 Oct, rm 1044 EOA, 3:30 PM to 5 PM_*
MET Diss Dfns--John Uehling
Title:  Characterizing the Northern Australian Rainy season from the 
large-scale to the local scale in the current and the future climate  
[Major Prof, Dr. Misra]

*_4 Nov, rm 1044 EOA, 3:05 PM to 6:05 PM_*
MET Diss Dfns--Michael Porter
Title: "Retro-Ensemble": Using Historical Analogs of Ensemble Forecasts 
as Post-Processing to Improve Prediction [Major Prof, Drs. Chagnon and 

*_5 Nov, rm 2061 EOA, 10:30 AM to 12 PM_*
MET Thesis Dfns--Lindsay Lawrence
Title:  The influence of ENSO and the IOD on atmospheric fronts and 
frontal precipitation across Australia  [Major Prof, Dr. Parfitt]

*_8 Nov, rm 2061 EOA, 10 AM to 12 PM_*
OCE Thesis Dfns--Nicole Blank
Title:  Spatial and Temporal Variation in Hardbottom Coral Communities 
on the Coastal West Florida Shelf  [Major Prof, Dr. Brooke]

*_9 Nov, rm 2061 EOA, 1 PM to 3 PM_*
GLY Thesis Dfns--Eric Simpson
Title:  Submerged megaripples as sites of enhanced remineralization and 
nutrient retention  [Major Prof, Dr. Huettel]


*Jimmy Pastrano*

*/Coordinator of Graduate Studies/*

*/Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science/*

*3008-C EOAS Bldg*

*Tallahassee, FL 32306-4520***
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