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Hi all,
This is an announcement of the EOAS colloquium this coming Friday afternoon (10/8) at 3 PM. The colloquium is only virtual. This week we will host a nearby (University of Florida) early career researcher working on biosignatures of life on other planets. I hope to see many of you there!

If you would like to meet with the speaker in the afternoon on Friday please email me (jdowens at fsu.edu<mailto:jdowens at fsu.edu>).

Speaker: Dr. Amy Williams from the University of Florida
Zoom Link: https://fsu.zoom.us/j/91470511075

Title: One Planet, Two Planets, Red Planet, Blue Planet: The Search for Biosignatures on Earth and Mars
Abstract: The search for life beyond Earth is a paramount question for humanity and a priority for NASA. This presentation will explore the ways that we search for biosignatures and evidence of ancient life on Mars using the instrument suites on the NASA Curiosity and Perseverance rover missions, and the incredible advances that we have made in understanding ancient habitable environments on Mars


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