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Hi All,

This is a reminder that EOAS has a colloquium this afternoon at 3:00 PM. The detailed information can be found in the attached email.



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Subject: EOAS Colloquium, Friday, Nov. 12 @ 3:00PM

Dear all,

Please join us for an EOAS colloquium this Friday, Nov. 12 @ 3 PM! The seminar will be given by Dr. Jeff Chagnon and will be held both in-person and online through Zoom. Please also see the attached flyer for the detailed colloquium information.

Speaker: Dr. Jeff Chagnon, FSU/EOAS

Time: Friday, Nov. 12 @3:00 PM

Location: EOA 1050 (in-person portion)

Zoom Link: https://fsu.zoom.us/j/97035294699?pwd=R2YvaDc1M0dzT0xvN3piR3p5dHJOUT09 (online portion)

Title: The rich dynamics of waves on the extratropical jet

Abstract: Weather in midlatitudes is tied to the dynamics of the extratropical jet. The jet supports waves that play a fundamental role in the baroclinic evolution of midlatitude cyclones. Waves on the jet are in turn influenced by weather systems of extratropical and subtropical origin. This talk will review the diversity of mechanisms by which waves on the jet are modified through baroclinic, barotropic, and diabatic processes spanning a wide range of time and spatial scales. Implications for the simulation and predictability of waves in numerical weather and climate prediction systems will be discussed.

We hope to see you all there!



on behalf of the EOAS Colloquium Committee

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