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> These talks are usually scheduled for the first Monday of each month. 
> The first talk normally starts at 11:00AM.  Each talk is typically 12 
> minutes long (similar to many professional meetings), with 8 minutes 
> for questions.
> These talks will be presented via Zoom, with the following connection 
> information:
> https://fsu.zoom.us/j/98491660566?pwd=NzBxNzN4LzdsbSs4R3B6RzliOGhhdz09
> Meeting ID: 984 9166 0566
> Passcode: 478314
> July 12th:
> Frederick Soster: Implementation of a Simplified Atmospheric Boundary 
> Layer Model with HYCOM to Better Understand Air-Sea Interaction
> Description: A simplified atmospheric boundary layer model (ABL1d) 
> introduced by Lemarié et. al (2020) is currently being implemented 
> with the HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM) to try and better 
> capture air-sea interactions at the atmospheric mesoscale and finer 
> spatial resolutions. The ABL1d is an intermediate step between bulk 
> parameterizations that rely solely on ocean surface and near surface 
> atmospheric data and a fully coupled ocean-atmosphere that can 
> assimilate both 3d oceanic and atmospheric fields. Details about 
> ABL1d, its current implementation with HYCOM, and potential future 
> projects are discussed.
> Jackie May: Impact of submesoscale ocean resolution on the ocean mixed 
> layer in a coupled model
> Description: The horizontal resolution of a coupled atmosphere-ocean 
> model has a large impact on the ocean mixed layer. We have run 4 
> different model test cases over the Gulf Stream region with varying 
> ocean and atmospheric horizontal resolution. I will be discussing the 
> differences in the heat budget and the momentum budget in the ocean 
> mixed layer.
> Tyler Sherrod: The Diagnosis of Flash Droughts
> Description: Flash drought is a relatively new term that has been 
> introduced to describe rapidly developing droughts. In this 
> presentation, I will discuss the various existing definitions that 
> have been proposed for flash drought and explore a new definition 
> based on observed variables.
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