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Dear All,

Please see the events below and note that there will be additional University programming later in the Spring semester highlighting efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within FSU.

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The 2021 Social Change Symposium will bring together faculty, staff, employees, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as Tallahassee community members. The Symposium will explore topics related to social change through the 8 lenses of anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-heterosexism, transgender inclusion, interfaith inclusion, anti-classism, anti-ableism, and anti-xenophobia.

Spread across three weekends (Friday-Saturday; January 22-23, January 29-30, February 5-6) with over 30 engagement opportunities including speakers, workshops and small group sessions, the Social Change Symposium is FREE and will be hosted virtually to maximize accessibility. It may also be helpful to know that while the event is three weekends long, your participation commitment can be as brief as 30-minutes for a speaker, or 1-hour and 45-minutes for a workshop and small group.

Registration closes at noon on the Friday of each of the three weekends. More information and registration is available on the Symposium website: https://thecenter.fsu.edu/scs<http://click.message.fsu.edu/?qs=51b86e51647f859e0d742b7189da3a1d07d85503700a15d4bba714a80f49ba7e446b61f25fbe95f45982fb15d2399aabc5dce9fc08b716dc>
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