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Mon Feb 22 06:51:43 EST 2021

Richard Bono is our next “Geophysics” faculty candidate. The talk is scheduled at 12:00 PM on 22nd February 2021 (today). Note: Candidate is 5 hours ahead of us i.e.,  GMT.

Zoom: https://fsu.zoom.us/j/97635987947

Title: Our ancient magnetic shield: Core-to-space evolution of the geodynamo
Abstract: The geodynamo is a long-lived feature of Earth generated by convection of the liquid outer core. The resulting geomagnetic field extends from the core through the solid Earth and into space, where it protects the atmosphere from erosion due to solar wind. Changes in the structure of the core and mantle influence the strength and shape of the geomagnetic field, which can affect atmospheric shielding provided by the field. Variations in the magnetic shield may have potentially impacted the evolution of life and the habitability of Earth. Here I will discuss my efforts to use paleomagnetism to understand how Earth’s magnetic field has evolved over the past four billion years using a combination of observations from the rock record, simulations using numerical dynamos, and compilations of global data sets. I will highlight some of the advancements made on determining the age of the geodynamo, onset of inner core growth, long term trends in field behavior, and inferences on the magnetic shielding during critical intervals in the evolution of life, with a look towards future work and outstanding questions.

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