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Hi all,

Here is a friendly reminder that we have a MET seminar at 3:30 PM on Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021. The related information can be found in the following and the attached flyer.

Speaker: Mr. Yi-Chuan Lu, University of California, Berkeley

Title: Extending the Heat Index to Quantify the Physiological Response to Future Warming

Abstract:  The Heat Index is a widely used measure of apparent temperature that accounts for the effects of humidity using Steadman’s model of human thermoregulation. Steadman’s model, however, gives unphysical results in sufficiently hot and humid conditions, leading to an undefined Heat Index. In a business-as-usual climate scenario, an undefined Heat Index will become increasingly frequent, eventually occurring across a third of the planet at any given moment. Hence, we extend the Heat Index to all conditions, and map the index onto measurable quantities, including the elevated core temperature in severe conditions and, in fatal conditions, the time it takes for the core to exceed a survivable temperature. The Heat Index is then calculated everywhere on Earth in a business-as-usual climate simulation up to the year 2300, allowing us to assess the habitability of future Earth.

Time: 3:30 PM, Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021

Zoom Link:  https://fsu.zoom.us/j/92027554191?pwd=dkw2UDRkOE9zQkRhTzR6R05qSUk0Zz09

It is noted that the pre-seminar session, "Meeting with the Speaker," will start at 3:00 PM with the same zoom link.  Look forward to seeing you then.



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