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These talks are usually scheduled for the first Monday of each month. 
The first talk normally starts at 11:00AM.  Each talk is typically 12 
minutes long (similar to many professional meetings), with 8 minutes for 

These talks will be presented via Zoom, with the following connection 


Meeting ID: 984 9166 0566
Passcode: 478314

Mark Bourassa

April 5th

Parker Beasley: Validation of IMERG rainfall to monitor onset and demise 
of the rainy season over Peninsular Florida

Description: This study was motivated to assess the fidelity of gridded, 
remotely sensed rainfall analysis for real time monitoring of the wet 
season over the five water management districts (WMDs) of Florida. All 
five WMDs have a significant fraction of the annual rainfall occurring 
in the wet season. Therefore, monitoring and anticipating its variations 
from year to year would be critical to manage water resources in the 
WMDs.   In this study we analyzed the fidelity of the Integrated 
Multi-Satellite Retrievals for Global Precipitation Mission version 6 
(IMERG) late run at 12-hour latency and final run at 3.5-month latency 
with respect to the rain gauge based analysis from the National Oceanic 
and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center (CPC). 
The 3.5-month latency product ingests a larger volume of data for 
analysis and uses a more rigorous analysis technique, which would lead 
to the anticipation of a better rainfall analysis than the former 
12-hour latency product.

John Uehling: TBA

Description: TBA

Yang Wang: Barotropic vorticity balance of the Ross gyre in B-SOSE data

Description: The aim of this study is to investigate the dynamics of the 
Ross Gyre by analyzing the barotropic vorticity balance.

May 3rd

Daneisha Blair: TBA

Description: TBA

Renee Richardson: /A Newly Developed Form Drag Derived from Sea Spray 
Influenced Surface Wind Stress at Hurricane Force Winds/

Description: Drag, or momentum transfer, at the air-sea interface is one 
of the major physical processes impacting hurricane intensity. Sea spray 
is suspected of playing a major role on the drag under hurricane wind 
conditions. In this study, we investigate the impact of a newly 
parameterized sea spray generation mechanism on drag, as well as total 
surface stress, under hurricane force winds. I will be discussing our 
findings on the spray influenced surface stresses.

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