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Today's speaker in the EOAS Colloquium  at 3:30 pm will be

Dr. Kim Popendorf of the University of Miami

Microbial Efficiency:New ways to look at how microbes move energy and 
material through the ocean

Marine microbes are responsible for large, critical fluxes of material 
on a global scale—playing a central role in maintaining the ocean as a 
global carbon sink, and generating half of the oxygen in the atmosphere 
on an annual basis.The magnitude and fate of the ocean as a carbon sink 
is dependent on the efficiency of microbial processes: of the carbon 
that microbes consume, how much is transformed into biomass that can be 
passed up the food chain or exported from the water column, versus 
carbon that is respired and can ultimately return to the atmosphere?Our 
lab has developed and deployed new methods for measuring the production 
rates of marine microbes, particularly heterotrophic bacteria, and for 
measuring the rates of energy use (respiration) in diverse 
microbes.Using membrane phosphoplipid turnover rates to measure 
bacterial production rates across the Atlantic and Pacific we 
demonstrate that heterotrophic bacteria may be growing at much faster 
rates than the standard paradigm, indicating that the microbial loop may 
be recycling material more rapidly than previously assumed.Combining 
this with a new way to measure the rates of energy utilization in marine 
microbes—by measuring the turnover rate of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) 
in cells—we can investigate variations microbial efficiency across 
diverse environments.By measuring microbial ATP concentrations across 
the South Pacific and comparing to other measures of biomass, community 
composition, and nutrient resources we provide new insights on microbial 
metabolic strategies that may underlie variations in microbial 
efficiency in the ocean.

Via Zoom:


Please contact Dr Angie Knapp if you would like to meet with the speaker.

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