[Eoas-seminar] MET seminar series by Dr. Truchelut on Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020, at 3:30 PM

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Dear colleagues,

Here we announce that Dr. Ryan Truchelut, an alumnus (PhD '15) of FSU meteorological program, will be the speaker of this week's MET seminar. The title, abstract, and Zoom link are as the following:

Title: From the "Weather Guy" to WeatherTiger: Explorations in Scientific Entrepreneurship

Abstract: Career decisions in meteorology often are perceived along lines of binary choice. Academia or forecasting? Research or teaching? Public or private sector? And yet, more options than these exist for those who take a "Choose Your Own Adventure" approach to the weather profession. FSU meteorology alumni Dr. Ryan Truchelut (PhD '15) will discuss the path in scientific entrepreneurship that he has followed in co-founding WeatherTiger, a weather and climate consulting company, in a talk that like the start-up life itself, is a mix of research, operations, finance, cat herding, memoirs, and attempted dad humor.

The Zoom link:  https://<https://fsu.zoom.us/j/95792371181?pwd=QzFLQWZjOXozSXFtZlNnQThmbkNVQT09>fsu.zoom.us/j/95792371181?pwd=QzFLQWZjOXozSXFtZlNnQThmbkNVQT09<https://fsu.zoom.us/j/95792371181?pwd=QzFLQWZjOXozSXFtZlNnQThmbkNVQT09>.

A flyer of his talk is also attached.



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