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Hi all,

Just a remainder that we will have a faculty meeting within an hour at EOA 6067.



From: Zhaohua Wu
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Subject: MET faculty meeting on March 5, Thursday

Hi all,

We will have a MET faculty meeting on March 5, Thursday at EOA 6067. The following are updated items to be discussed:

(1) Update on graduate offers (Wu/Hart)
(2) Requests by two (?) students for pre-/co-req exemptions or recommendations (Shel/Hart)
(3) Statistics on met graduate class enrollment since 2013 and discussion of potential caps (Cai/Hart)
(4) Requests for summer teaching for 1010 lecture (Hart)
(5) On launching meteorological program at University of Florida's (all faculties)

Please let Philip and me know if you want to add more issues to discuss.



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