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Dear all,

Emily Stewart will be visiting us next week, i.e., March 3rd-4th. She is a candidate for the faculty search in "Solid Earth Processes in the Lithosphere (Metamorphic Petrology)”. Please let me know if you would like to meet the candidate. I am attaching her CV.

I am also attaching the title and abstract of her talk. The talk is scheduled at 3:30 PM on 3rd March 2020 (Tuesday) at EOA 1044.

Title: Rock Metamorphism, the Global Carbon Cycle, and Planetary Habitability

Abstract: Planet Earth has supported life for billions of years. Despite profound changes in the surface environment and the deep Earth, our climate has remained relatively
stable — and critically, habitable — over this time period. This stability is a result of the geologic Global Carbon Cycle, which acts to exchange carbon between the solid Earth,
oceans, and atmosphere on timescales of ~1 million years or longer. A detailed understanding of this exchange provides an essential framework for consideration of the origin and
evolution of life, the structure and composition of the deep mantle, and myriad Earth surface processes.

Although the lithosphere represents a small proportion of the solid Earth, it is the location of several key processes, linking carbon transfer in the ocean-atmosphere system to the
deep mantle carbon cycle. While the literature has historically focused on volcanic-magmatic processes in the crust, my advances in the observation and modeling of metamorphic
reactions demonstrate that rock metamorphism plays an equally important role in carbon mobility.

I will review the results of two studies: first, a field-based project in the Acadian metamorphic belt of New England reveals that mountain-building has the potential to release
significant CO­­2 and drive climate change over millions of years. Second, a comprehensive study of an ancient subduction zone in the Cycladic Islands of Greece shows that
metamorphism alone may release about half of all carbon from a subducting slab, driving carbon depletion of the mantle over Earth history. Finally, I will explore future work on
contact metamorphism and its relationship to both long term and catastrophic climate events in deep time.

Thank you
Mainak Mookherjee
Associate Professor
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Florida State University
Tallahassee, Fl, 32310, USA

Phone:(850) 644-1536 (Office)
Email: mmookherjee at fsu.edu<mailto:mmookherjee at fsu.edu>
Email: mainak.mookherjee at gmail.com<mailto:mainak.mookherjee at gmail.com>

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