[Eoas-seminar] REMINDER TODAY First Spring EOAS Colloquium Speaker Fri Jan 17 at 3:30 in 1044 EOA

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Fri Jan 17 08:19:25 EST 2020

We will kick off our spring EOAS colloquium TODAY at 3:30 in 1044 EOA with our first speaker:

Dr. Jolante Van Wijk

 New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
What Creates the Unique Topography of East Africa?
The elevation of East Africa is unusually high, commonly >3000 m above sea level. The elevation of a continent above sea level is generally related to the thick, low-density crust of the continents, plus contributions from tectonic events. In East Africa however, these two factors together cannot explain its high elevation. It has been suggested that a third component, called dynamic topography, may contribute to the high elevation in East Africa. Dynamic topography is caused by flow in Earth’s mantle.
In this seminar, I will discuss dynamic topography, how theoretical models predict that it exists, and how we can quantify it. I will show how submarine unconformities can be used to quantify dynamic topography in oceanic basins.

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