[Eoas-seminar] SGE Chili Cook Off - TODAY 2pm

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Fri Feb 21 13:43:22 EST 2020

Hello to all,

Don't miss the SGE CHILI COOK OFF TODAY! Starting at 2:00pm, room 1032, EOAS new building.
They have 8-10 chili entries and anyone is welcome to come try them all and vote for their favorite !
Get ready for some delicious chili times!

Barbara Bradley
Outreach Coordinator FSU-EOAS
EOAS building - 3011

If I am not in the office, please send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.


"The most abject impotence often hides itself under the cloak of art. I am much more moved by a human action than by all the museums in the world. There are only two kinds of people: the ones who have a soul and the ones who don't" - Miró
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