[Eoas-seminar] UPCOMING WEBINAR by David Zierden: Climate Change & Variability in Florida -, What we know (and don't know)

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UPCOMING WEBINAR: Climate Change & Variability in Florida -
What we know (and don't know)

During a webinar being hosted by the FL BRACE 
(Building Resilience Against Climate Effects) project, Florida's State 
Climatologist, David Zierden, will review global trends in increasing 
greenhouse gas concentrations and how they are impacting the global 
climate system before narrowing the focus on how these trends are 
manifested in the state of Florida. Special attention will be placed on 
how climate and weather threats, especially as related to human health, 
may or may not be changing. The primary threats that will be examined 
are hurricanes, extreme rainfall and drought, sea level rise, and 
extreme temperatures. Not to be ignored is the background of Florida's 
historical climate and natural variability, much of which can be related 
to the El Niño/La Niña cycle. To join the webinar from your computer, 
tablet or smartphone on *Wednesday, August 12 at 11AM (ET)*, go to 

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