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If you would like to meet with the speaker please email Jeremy Owens (jdowens at fsu.edu<mailto:jdowens at fsu.edu>).

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Please join us for the first speaker of the EOAS Colloquium series this Friday at 3:30 in CAR 101:

Dr. Laura Waters of Sonoma State University
 "Effects of differentiation and degassing on magmatic oxidation states across tectonic settings."
Earth is unique for having an oxygenated atmosphere, liquid H2O and high standing, silica rich continents. While it is largely agreed upon that continents are created in subduction zones, there is little agreement on the magmatic processes responsible for calc-alkaline volcanism (i.e., the origin of Earth’s continents). Here, I evaluate the roles of intensive (e.g., pressure) and compositional variables (e.g., H2O) that may lead to calc-alkaline volcanism using a large dataset compiled from the literature. From that dataset, it is apparent that oxygen fugacity (fO2) plays a critical role in the formation of the calc-alkaline liquid line of descent. The potential effects of degassing and differentiation on magmatic oxygen fugacity are additionally explored to determine if the oxygen fugacity of any melt is related to its parent magma and source or if the oxygen fugacity is a function of secondary petrogenetic effects (e.g., crystallization and degassing).
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