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Please excuse any duplicate posting of this announcement.
Please alert your grad students and research staff about this.

Robert Bodnar (Professor of Geochemistry, VA Tech) will visit us and give a seminar on Monday Feb. 4.

Seminar Title: Evolution of the Earth’s hydrologic cycle during the Phanerozoic

This is a study that looks at how the distribution of water in the near surface hydrosphere has varied during the Phanerozoic (actually, the last 700 Ma). For example, we look at the effects of snowball Earth conditions on the water cycle, and examine the implications of not having a biosphere on the continents before about 400 Ma.  

This talk would be of more general interest and is at a level that undergrads, grad students as well as faculty should get something out of it.  It might also be of interest to people in related disciplines, such as ecologists, hydrologists, paleoclimate folks, etc.  

Bob's research interests:
What We Do: Researchers in the Fluids Research Group are concerned with the distribution, properties and role of fluids in planetary processes.
Methods: Fluid inclusions provide the best source of information concerning the occurrence of fluids in natural samples. The distribution of fluids in the Earth and planetary systems is determined by studying fluid inclusions in earth materials and samples delivered to Earth from outer space.
The properties of geologic fluids are determined through experimental and theoretical studies of model fluid systems. The experimental technique that is used most commonly in the Fluids Research Laboratory is the synthetic fluid inclusion technique.
The role of fluids in geologic processes is studied by combining information obtained from natural fluid inclusions with PVTX data for model systems and with other geologic and geochemical information to interpret the results.

Bob's web sites: 

Here is a proposed schedule for his visit:

Monday Feb. 4
10:00AM arriving 
10:00-11:15 Visits with Oceanography and Geology faculty on campus (let me know if you want to meet with him!)

11:30-12:30 Seminar in 327 Oceanography Building
12:30-13:45 Lunch (University Club. Let me know if you want to join).

14:00-18:00 More visits with faculty either on campus or at the 
National High Magnetic Field Lab (let me know if you want to meet with him).

18:30-20:30 Dinner (let me know if you want to join).

Please let me know if/when you want to meet individually with Bob, and whether you want to join us for lunch and/or dinner.


William M. Landing, Ph.D.
Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science (325 OSB)
Florida State University
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