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Fri Feb 1 17:01:11 EST 2019

Our speaker next Friday Feb 8 at 3:30 in CAR 101 will be

Mats E. Eriksson
Department of Geology, Lund University, Sweden

Title: When science meets the arts
Abstract: In many ways art is the antithesis to science. It is fueled by emotion, does not have to be reproducible and there rests no burden of evidence upon its architect. There are, however, instances when art and science join in perfect alliance and give birth to new and interesting worlds. One such example is when artists help us paleontologists to – figuratively speaking – bring our long extinct organisms to life by means of highly detailed, anatomically precise, three-dimensional sculptural replicas. In this presentation I will address my working relationship with craftsman extraordinaire Esben Horn of 10 Tons in Copenhagen, Denmark, and reveal how our efforts have resulted in a bizarre yet highly successful travelling exhibition and joint ventures backed by the National Geographic. From a larger perspective I will talk about the amalgamation of science, arts and popular culture, and more specifically I will dive headfirst into paleontology, heavy metal and sculptures of long dead things. I will show some examples of how I have managed to combine my long love affairs with these subject matters and discuss the benefits from a personal as well as societal point of view.
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