[Eoas-seminar] EOAS Colloquium speaker this Friday Apr 19 at 3:30 in CAR 101

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Mon Apr 15 10:06:26 EDT 2019

Our EOAS Colloquium speaker this week Fri at 3:30 in CAR 101  is Dr. David Johnston of Harvard University.

The title of his talk is:

Reconstructing Phanerozoic O2 using the oxygen isotope composition of marine sulfate

Reconstructing the composition of ancient atmospheres is a challenging, yet central goal of Earth History research.  About a decade ago, it was suggested that the minor oxygen isotope composition of marine sulfate minerals could accomplish just such a task.  More specifically, the oxygen isotope depletion in sulfate was posited to quantitatively scale to the ratio of O2 to CO2 in the atmosphere at the time of deposition.  In this seminar, we will use modern river systems, microbial studies, and the composition of the present day ocean as a guide to further refine and develop this proxy.  This will be done in the context of developing an empirical record of Phanerozoic O2.
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