[Eoas-seminar] EOAS Seminar: Planning for the Next Step in Your Life, 3:30 PM, Thurs, 11 April, 101 CAR

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Bring your job hunting or grad school questions!

On 4/4/2019 4:03 PM, Jon Ahlquist wrote:
EOAS Seminar: Planning for the Next Step in Your Life
Audience: All EOAS undergraduates (including freshmen), graduate students, and post-docs
All EOAS faculty are also invited to help answer questions.
When: 3:30 PM, Thursday, 11 April 2019
Where: 101 Carroway
Abstract: Representatives from the various branches of our department will be joined by Ms. Krystle Graham, FSU Career Center liaison for the sciences, to help you plan the next stage of your life, whether that involves internships, graduate study, or jobs. Bring your questions!
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