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Hi all,

Dr. Andrew Heymsfield of NCAR, the Sunkist scholar, will visit us next week. He will give two public seminars on Tuesday, Nov. 6 and Thursday, Nov. 8 at 3:30 PM at LOV 353. The titles and contents are as follows:

Seminar #1

Title: The Ice Phase in the Atmosphere


This talk will discuss the following topics:

  *   General properties of ice clouds
  *   The importance of the ice phase to global precipitation
  *   Deliberate and inadvertent weather modification
A combination of in-situ observations, satellite active remote sensing measurements, and global climate models will be used in this study.

Seminar #2

Title: A Comprehensive Observational Study of Graupel and Hail Properties and Hailfall


This talk will provide an overview of where various particle types are most prevalent geographically. The speaker will then discuss the basic physical properties of graupel and hail, including their mass and size distributions---the speaker will elaborate on their terminal velocities and kinetic energies toward the end of the seminar. The speaker will discuss field programs that have been mounted to characterize hail properties, from in-situ aircraft measurements and at the ground. This will lead into a discussion of how hail forms and attempts in the past to reduce hailfall. How damage from hail has been tested in the laboratory and at the ground will be discussed. The speaker concludes by discussing, in detail because it is an active research topic of his, hail terminal velocities and their kinetic energy.

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