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Please see the attached seminar announcement.

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Hi Vijaya,

Would you please circulate this on the GFDI mailing list.



Our 2018 Baum lecture will be held on May 29th at 1:00PM, at the Alumni
Center's Grand Ballroom. We have the rare opportunity to learn from
arguably the foremost expert in assimilation of surface water wave
observations in atmosphere and ocean forecast models. Jean Bidlot is
also the go-to person for information about wave observations and their
applications.  In recent years it has been clear that ocean and
atmosphere models must be coupled to improve forecasts for severe
weather and medium range weather forecasts. Jean Bidlot will be one of
the key players if efforts to usefully couple models of the ocean, waves
and atmosphere.

The abstract is attached, along with a reminder that there will be
refreshments after the talk.


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