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It is my pleasure to announce the seminar

Degradation of MC252 Oil-Sand Aggregates Buried in a Gulf of Mexico Sandy Beach

presented by 

Ioana Bociu

The seminar, which is part of Iana's Master's Thesis defense, takes place on Monday, May 14th, at 4 pm in 327 OSB

After the Deepwater Horizon blowout, MC252 crude oil was washed onto the shores of the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. Weathered oil was buried in sandy Florida beaches in the form of oil-sand aggregates and oiled sand layers. While small oil particles degraded relatively quickly, it was unknown how the larger buried oil-sand aggregates degrade in the dry beach sand, where they are protected from photodegradation and mechanical stresses. To determine the degradation of such larger oil-sand aggregates, a time series study was initiated that quantified the weight loss and compositional changes (saturated hydrocarbons, PAHs) of MC252 oil-sand aggregates buried in dry beach sand at Pensacola Beach/Florida. Sets of 10 standardized aggregates were removed at 2-6 month intervals over a time period of 3 years. The buried larger oil-sand aggregates can persist in the dry beach sands for years despite access to oxygen. The results of this study reveal the changes in the petroleum hydrocarbon composition, and the calculated decay rates allow a rough estimate of the lifetime of the oil-aggregates in the beach sand.

Please join

Markus Huettel
Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science
Florida State University
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