[Eoas-seminar] Seminar TODAY: MET/PO Faculty Search Candidate: Dr. Rhys Parfitt, WHOI

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Thu Mar 8 12:07:30 EST 2018


Dr. Rhys Parfitt, WHOI Postdoctoral Scholar and candidate for the MET/PO Modeling Faculty position, will be giving a seminar this afternoon at 330pm in 353LOV.

Further information is below


Title:  Why do we need high-resolution western boundary currents to properly model their influence on weather and climate?


This talk considers some of the key processes that determine the impact of the Western Boundary Currents on mid-latitude weather and climate. Specifically, we focus on the coupled interaction between the oceanic frontal zones and individual atmospheric fronts, and discuss why this is primarily responsible for the local as well as basin-scale ocean-to-atmosphere feedback in the seasonal mean and longer time scale. As this interaction is highly sensitive to resolution, it is suggested that the influence of these oceanic frontal zones on climate can’t be properly realised in general circulation models unless they are at sufficiently high resolution (i.e. horizontal grid size of 25km or less). The implications for current general circulation models and reanalysis datasets are addressed.

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